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Key Benefits

  • More profit
  • Electronic ordering
  • Daily price/product updates
  • 365 day expert UK technical support
  • Full product file pre-loaded
  • Free MediaMaster advertising hardware *
  • The most trusted EPOS solution for the Convenience sector ...and many more
EPOS systems

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    How can ShopMate EPoS help your business?

  • Costs

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    Find out how to get ShopMate EPoS

Benefits & Services

How can ShopMate EPoS help your business?

Q1. Can ShopMate help boost my sales?
Yes. ShopMate is designed to make your business more effective by taking the hard work out of EPoS. Stores that invest in the MediaMaster Advertising Screen* service also typically enjoy over £100 in additional promotional sales per promotion period and the opportunity to sell their own digital ad space.
Q2. Does it come with a warranty?
Yes. The Retail Data Partnership provides a 6 year warranty for all fee paying TRDP customer, on ShopMate EPoS. This extends to all (Booker FREE bundle) hardware other than the CS3000 and laser printer, which have their own warranty of 1 year. Additional equipment purchases such as Avery Berkel Scales and Memor hand-held scanners are also subject to a manufacturer's 1-year warranty.
Q3. Can I connect to ShopMate from outside my store?
Yes. The Retail Data Partnership offer a BackOffice software solution (no need for physical back office hardware)* if you wish to connect to your ShopMate tills remotely and, HeadOffice* if you run multiple stores and would like to centralise your administration. You can also view reports and alerts on ShopMate Mobile, available for smartphone.
Q4. I operate a forecourt. Can ShopMate integrate with my fuel pumps?
ShopMate Fuel is a fuel pump solution that integrates with a wide range of fuel pumps via DOMS. This solution does require additional spend on hardware which can be discussed with The Retail Data Partnership.
Q5. Does ShopMate EPoS feature additional services?
Yes! ShopMate features a variety of value added services that are designed to help convenience retailers throughout the UK flourish. These include:
  • MediaMaster - Attract attention and make more money with point-of-sale advertising
  • Local Loyalty - Get more customers shopping more often with your very own loyalty scheme
  • BackOffice - Access your till from anywhere
  • HeadOffice - Take control of your stores remotely
  • A variety of integrated payment solutions including Barclaycard, NetPay, Paymentsense, Worldpay
  • epay - Prepaid products designed to increase footfall and boost your product offering
You can view our Value Added Services and Partner Pack here


Find out more about affordable service fees

Q1. Do I have to pay anything?
You only have to pay service fees. These cover your regular price file, product, promotion and software updates as well as help from the UK based TRDP technical support team.
Q2. How much are the service fees?
Your costs will depend on the number of systems you receive and are as follows:

1 Lane - £15.50
2 Lanes - £23.00
3 Lanes - £25.00

Prices per week, exclusive of VAT (collected monthly)
Q3. Who do I pay the service fees to?
You sign a Direct Debit agreement with The Retail Data Partnership Ltd (TRDP) to cover the service fees.
Q4. How is the money collected?
Via a monthly direct debit, set-up and collected by The Retail Data Partnership Ltd.
Q5. When do the service fees start?
The support costs start from the day of delivery.
Q6. What happens if I don"t pay my service fees?
The team at The Retail Data Partnership Ltd will reach out to see if they can help. If you are unable to pay your support fees then you will no longer receive automatic price file, promotions and software updates. The TRDP support team will also be unable to help you.
Q7. What happens if my direct debit to TRDP fails or gets cancelled?
If your Direct Debit to TRDP is stopped, the team at TRDP will contact you to help you rectify the problem.

How to Order

Find out how to get ShopMate EPoS

Q1. How do I order my Booker FREE EPoS system?
Speak with your Booker RDM to discuss weekly spend requirements and to find out more. Further information on the ShopMate EPoS system can be found at or, by calling 01780 480562.
Q2. Can my system work with dial-up internet?
Unfortunately not; ShopMate's automatic updates require a consistent broadband connection.
Q3. Can I order from Booker using my EPoS system?
Yes, TRDP's OrderMaster system along with your CS3000 barcode scanner can link to Booker and place and process orders electronically. Electronic Notice of Delivery documents will also be sent to your ShopMate EPoS System.
Q4. What sort of scanner is it?
If requested, you will receive a Symbol CS3000 barcode scanner, the same as the Booker Internet Scanner.
Q5. Will someone come out and install my system for me?
TRDP's ShopMate EPoS system is designed to be easy to install and use and, is delivered to you via courier for DIY installation. You will receive everything you need to get started including a quick start guide and products keys when you receive your EPoS system. You can also visit to download the ShopMate manual and view dozens of helpful guides.
Q6. What if I need someone to install my system for me?
TRDP can provide installation and on-site training for a cost of £450 or £495 (including pre-installation scanner hire for product price setting) exclusive of VAT which can be collected over two direct debit payments if you wish.
Q7. How will my increased agreed spend limit be calculated?
Booker will look at the previous 12 months" sales to work out the average weekly non-Tobacco spend then add £750.
Q8. I am 100% loyal to Booker and I have no further spend to offer. Can I still have an EPoS system?
Booker will look for ways to help you grow your business so that you can qualify for the agreement.
Q9. What happens if I fail to reach the agreed spend increase with Booker?
We hope this won"t happen. However Booker reserves the right to suspend the EPoS system.
Q10. How long is the increased spend contract with Booker for?
The contract is for 36 months. You will be contacted by The Retail Data Partnership at the end of your contract period to discuss your options moving forward.
Q11. If I sell the business and pass the system to the new owner will Booker continue the spend contact with them?
The new owner will need to sign an agreed spend with Booker and agree a transfer of ownership with Booker and The Retail Data Partnership Ltd.
Q12. What happens once the next 3 years are over?
Your service fee costs will continue with TRDP. The TRDP team will contact you close to the end of your contract to discuss what options are best for your business.
Q13. Will the system have only Booker products on it?
The system will be pre-loaded with the Booker product file and will receive regular price file and promotion updates. In addition, you will also receive the TRDP general price file which includes over a million products. You can easily add products not supplied by Booker.
Q14. Am I restricted to the Booker Price file and Promotions with a Booker FREE system?
Yes, during the 36-month contract period, you will only be permitted to have a Booker price file and promotions file loaded to your ShopMate EPoS system, without the permission of Booker.