Booker Wholesale

Booker Limited and Associated Companies - Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme

Booker Limited and its associated companies have been approved by HMRC under the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme ('AWRS'). Our Unique Reference Number ('URN') is:


The registration covers all trading entities within the group which wholesale alcohol, specifically:

Company of trading style Company Registration Number (where applicable)
Booker Limited 0197380
Booker Direct Limited 04004640
Makro Self Service Wholesalers Limited 00973269
Booker Retail Partners (GB) Limited 06460554
Ritter Courivaud Limited 00363411
Classic Drinks is a trading style of Booker Limited and is approved as Booker Limited. N/A
Chef Direct is a trading style of Booker Direct Limited and is approved as Booker Direct Limited N/A

Alcohol duty fraud is a serious problem which damages businesses, communities and the economy. Any business in the supply chain which trades in alcohol is potentially at risk of becoming implicated in the illicit alcohol trade unless it undertakes substantial due diligence regarding its supply chain. The AWRS scheme is aimed at reducing such fraud. Under the scheme any business which sells wholesale alcohol is required to register with HMRC before 31st March 2016. From 1st April 2017 it will be an offence to purchase alcohol from an unregistered wholesaler.

Booker is fully aware of its obligations under the AWRS scheme and is registered accordingly. As such, we have an agreed due diligence process which considers the likelihood of excise duty evasion as well as other commercial and criminal risks when undertaking trading activities. Booker and its associated companies fully support any action to drive out the illicit trade in alcohol and to reduce the risk to businesses.

Neither Booker nor any associated company will engage in any dealings with customers or suppliers where we believe there is a possibility that any such trade could involve fraud. If we suspect fraud HMRC are notified accordingly. Booker and its associated companies work closely with HMRC to ensure our practices and procedures in relation to the prevention of illicit trade are robust and meet our obligations under all relevant legislation. To this end, Booker and its associated companies will continue to undertake the following due diligence steps:-

Booker Limited & Associated Companies (Nov 2016)