Question: Why use this Hygiene system?
Answer: This Hygiene system gives consistency of cleaning operations across your business, helping you keep up to date with relevant hygiene guidance, allowing a one-stop solution for chemicals, methods, records, safety information and staff training hints. In short, you can have
Confidence in your cleaning achieving Compliance to local authority requirements using products
of proven Capability.

Question: How can I identify the products I need?
Answer: We have colour coded the product labels within each area, so it is easy to find the products you need. For example, all ‘Kitchen’ products are ‘green’. We have also included icons on the labels showing the areas where the products can be used, whether the product is concentrated or ready to use, and for relevant products an idea of how many trigger bottles can be made up from the bottle of concentrated product.

Question: Is the whole range available in all Stores?
Answer: Branches will physically stock the range depending on the space they have available, but all the products within the whole range are available to order in branch for you to collect the next day. If there is a product you want and cannot find, please contact us and we will help you.

Question: I only use small volumes of the products, what have you done to help me with this?
Answer: Across a number of products we have a 1 litre concentrate to sit alongside the 5 litre version. We have also have a ready-to-use version of some products, so you don’t have to dilute before use. Look for the products which show a Ready To Use variant or a 1 litre pack size on the labelling.

Question: Have instructions for use changed?
Answer: The instructions for use for some of the products have changed. This is to reflect the best practice for use of the products in your business, and changes to chemical and hygiene legislation. Please ensure you use the details printed on the bottle labels and in this new hygiene manual.

Question: What have you done to test the products?
Answer: We have tested the range as part of the development process. Any product carrying claims regarding BS EN 1276 and/or BS EN 13697 have been tested by accredited laboratories. We have also tested the products for their performance against the brand leaders in the industry, to ensure our products are a better quality, and proven to really work in your environment.

Question: Does the range of Disinfectant products meet the EHO requirements?
Answer: Where applicable, we have tested the products against the British Standards (BS EN1276 and/or BS EN 13697) prescribed by the Food Standards Agency for the product type and application. We have then added the details on the front labels so it is easy to identify that the product meets the EHO requirements.

Question: Will I need new Safety Data Sheets?
Answer: You will need a new Safety Data Sheet for each product from the Clean Pro+ range you use. There have been changes to the data within each document due to the new European legislation, so please ensure you are holding up to date documents. This manual contains a full set of the new documents. You can also refer to our website for the latest versions of these.

Question: Why have you updated this Hygiene Manual?
Answer: Due to a number of changes made to European legislation relating to the labelling of chemical products and changes in best practice in cleaning operations we have fully reviewed this manual and have issued a new version to ensure you have the most up to date information for use
within your business.

We are also pleased that the Clean Pro + Hygiene Manual is assured by the 'Chartered Institute of Environmental Health'

Question: I’m a Web customer only. Can I view the Manual on the Customer web-site?
Answer: The manual is also available as a web-based system. Click on the link which appears against the Clean Pro+ products on the Booker web-site.

Question: I need a hard copy. How can you help?
Answer: The system has been set up to allow easy printing of the selected sections you need to use. All documents have been saved in pdf. format and can be easily downloaded and printed. We are also able to provide the full Hygiene Manual on a Memory Stick, allowing browsing at your convenience and easy printing of the documents you require. Please contact your Catering Development Manager for further details.

Question: Do I need to rinse surfaces after using the Detergent Disinfectant products?
Answer: Due to changing European regulations regarding chemical residues on food contact surfaces, you now need to wipe surfaces treated with Detergent Disinfectant with a clean, damp cloth before food preparation. Full instructions are shown on the product labels.