Booker Wholesale pricing: consistently low, refreshingly transparent

Date released:  26th April 2012
At Booker Wholesale (, we're proud of our 'Prices Down' commitment, which brings our foodservice customers low prices on all of our products, all of the time. One of the aspects of the Booker Wholesale service which receives the most positive feedback is our pricing, and here's why.

Prices Down

Obviously when it comes to pricing the main thing our foodservice customers look for is value. Low prices are the cornerstone of our 'Prices Down' commitment and we are continually striving to drive our prices down to the lowest levels possible. That applies to all of our products, including seasonal fresh produce and big name brands, and you'll find 'Prices Down' when you buy in bulk on a large or a small scale.


According to customer feedback, one of the things that most frustrates them with other foodservice providers is inconsistent pricing. We ensure our customers can manage cash flow, easily balance their books and effectively plan for the future with our consistent pricing. No hidden surprises!


We think trust is key. Our customers have entrusted us with delivering a quality foodservice and so it's vital that we respond with a pricing structure which is clear and transparent at all times. We often hear that the transparency of our pricing is refreshing when compared with some competitors.

Credit options

Booker Wholesale also has agreed credit options for certain customers, which can be particularly helpful for managing cash flow in these tough economic conditions.

Value without compromise

All of the 'Prices Down' value is provided without compromise. There's no cutting corners on products or service, simply great value prices at all times.

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