Date released:  4th January 2013
When Christmas nears, it becomes all the more important for both retailers and caterers to provide their customers with the very best in quality, value and service. This is no less the case when they are selling or providing drink, which makes it a good idea for them to turn to the winners of the Drinks Wholesaler of The Year Award for five consecutive years since 2007, Booker Wholesale (, for the most professional wholesale drink service.

Caterers and retailers can contact our experienced UK wholesalers for a wide range of time and money saving, Christmas drink-related services and expertise, including:

  • An alcohol range that includes the best in affordable ales, beers, lagers, ciders, perrys, port, sherry, spirits, liqueurs and more
  • A wine list service that encompasses Basic, Intermediate and Advanced lists as constructed by Booker buyers
  • Own label wines that have a pedigree of both affordability and success, having won Bronze and Silver awards in the International Wine Challenge 2011
  • A printing service that means you can have your company logo on disposables and even your wine list
  • A range of non-alcoholic drinks that includes the likes of soft drinks and bottled water

  • Booker Wholesale works hard to ensure that its clients' needs are perfectly catered for. Prices are highly competitive, meaning that your business could save as much as thousands of pounds more in the coming year. With demand especially rising at Christmas time, you have the opportunity now to enter 2013 in optimum financial health, having taken advantage of our bulk buy drinks service for a particularly cost-effective Christmas and New Year.

    Increase your alcohol sales and maximize your profit margin with a superior range of wholesale alcoholic beverages from Booker Wholesale. Buy from our selection of major lagers, beers, spirits and Ready-to-Drinks (RTDs) in the knowledge that we offer sales or return on all unopened cases of spirits, which removes the fear of being left with unsold items at the end of a busy festive period.

    Visit the online home of Booker Wholesale ( now to discover the usefulness of our UK wholesale services when you require the right food and drink for your establishment this winter.

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