Booker helps caterers ready themselves for the winter

Date released:  23rd October 2012
As the nights become ever longer and the weather less predictable, caterers have to turn their attentions to their requirements over the winter months. As is well known, Christmas is one of the many key times during the year that see a spike in demand for caterers as customers look to spend more time in pubs, bistros, and restaurants or similar establishments, which is why you are sure to appreciate the help of leading wholesaler Booker Wholesale ( in preparing for it.

The popular image of Christmas as a time of chomping on cake and mince pies is as true now as it has ever been, but caterers will also want to ensure that they are well-stocked on a much wider range of goods so that they can provide the best possible service, which in turn maintains high levels of customer satisfaction. It is one thing to have plenty of food and drink on hand, for example, but chances are that you will also be spending more on such essentials as cleaning products as your staff's working hours lengthen.

Booker Wholesale removes the stress of the winter months for caterers across the UK, and if you bulk buy now, you can at least relax in the knowledge that you are ready for the worst that the coming months can bring. There may be some items that you can invest in right now, such as wine and ciders as well as wholesale hygiene supplies. There are other items, however, that may need to be bought fresh at short notice. The great news is that whatever your requirements, Booker Wholesale provides a responsive, professional and friendly service along with a staggering range of products to ensure that they are duly met.

Indeed, it is that extensive range that has in part led to more and more caterers making Booker Wholesale their choice out of the various UK wholesalers available. Whereas some companies may specialise in wholesale hygiene supplies, while another solely offers soft drinks and sweets, we maximise range selection by combining everything in one reputable wholesale store. From chilled and frozen goods to groceries, alcohol and consumables, our range doesn't leave you having to desperately scramble for another company at the last moment, with no assurances as to either price or quality.

By preparing now for Christmas, you can soon be making the most of this highly lucrative time of year. And while the experts in wholesale catering at Booker Wholesale ( can't help with every aspect of your company's festive plans - such as temporary staff recruitment - we certainly can remove a big chunk of the stress that may affect you and your customers at what should be a celebratory time.

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