Booker - the wholesaler of choice at Easter time

Date released:  18th February 2012
Easter is one of the biggest holiday dates in the UK. The Easter weekend heralds some much-needed bank holidays after the slow start of the working year. It's a time when people traditionally get together with family and friends to celebrate - whether that's to mark Easter Sunday or simply to enjoy the long weekend and the start of spring. For those in the hospitality trade, Booker ( is the wholesaler of choice at Easter time, and here's why.

Easter is a peak trading time for restaurant owners, hoteliers, publicans and catering firms, which means they will want to make the most out of this lucrative time of year while providing an excellent service to their customers. For most firms, it's a balancing act between maximising their profit margin at one of the busiest times of the year, while ensuring that standards don't slip and customers are left satisfied. To achieve all this, it pays to lean on the services of trusted foodservice wholesaler Booker.

There are a plethora of ways in which we make Easter easier for hospitality firms. For instance, there is a huge choice of products available, both brand names and our own ranges, covering everything from fresh and frozen produce and wholesale fruit and veg to wholesale cleaning products. Rather than having to shop at a number of different catering supplies companies, everything needed is under one roof and ready to buy in bulk.

Then there's the ease. From our online ordering service to our menu guides and wine lists to our multi-temperature delivery, we have made sure that catering at any time of the year is made as stress-free and streamlined as possible.

And not forgetting the all-important prices. Because Booker is one of the best wholesale firms in the UK, we can work with a wide range of suppliers so as to get the best possible prices for our customers, for products across the board. And we even have our own Chef's Larder and Booker Basics ranges which are some of the most competitively priced catering ingredients ranges available in the UK.

So this Easter, the choice for hospitality firms is clear: Booker wholesale at will help to make the most out of this peak trading time, delivering service excellence and boosting the bottom line.

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