Booker's 3 tier bacon range is 'Good, Better and Best'

Date released:  20th July 2012
Who doesn't love bacon? Even most vegetarians say it's the one meat they miss most! While pretty much all of us love the taste and smell of a good bacon sarny, caterers love bacon for its versatility. And it's because of this versatility that foodservice Booker Wholesale ( has created a new 3 tier bacon range which can be categorized by some as 'Good, Better and Best'. Allow us to explain...

As catering supplies go, when it comes to meat, bacon is about as versatile as it gets. Chicken may be a widely used meat in the foodservice industry, but bacon allows the caterer to offer both simple snacks (bacon butties) and posh canapés (devils on horseback or bacon and egg tartlets, for example). Bacon can be used both in greasy spoon breakfasts and as part of a high class wedding feast.

This impressive versatility calls for flexibility from the foodservice company which is providing the bacon. To ensure customer satisfaction while maximising profit margin, one class of bacon just won't do. Clearly, a finely honed, tiny morsel of a canapé with bacon as its key ingredient calls for a higher standard of bacon than a pile of quick but tasty bacon sandwiches. The price point will likely be very different too, which means that the price of the bacon to the caterer should vary too.

This is exactly the thinking behind our range of bacon - there are 3 tiers to choose from: good, better and best. 'Good' is the Booker Basics range which offers outstanding value for money. Available in smoked and unsmoked rindless back bacon, this tier is great for the cheaper option of bacon catering supplies, allowing for the highest profit margin without sacrificing quality. 'Better' is our Chef's Larder bacon, cut from selected prime backs which provides equal sized rashers that are suitable for more refined catering. Finally, our 'Best' bacon is Chef's Larder Premium, thick cut bacon rashers from selected prime backs of Danish and British pigs and is ideal for high-end catering.

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