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Date released:  12th June 2013
Cider Festival

Don't miss our Cider Festival!

We all know the best time to enjoy a cider is during the summer, at your local pub, or in the garden with friends. So Booker's cider festival, launching on June 19th, is perfectly timed to boost your sales.

The 'Cider Festival' includes discounts on a great range of products, including both premium and value fruit and apple ciders.

For retailers, there's an extended range of price-marked packs, including Kingstone, Stowford and Somersby Press.

And if you're a publican, don't miss the chance to try our new Pertainer vessel.

The vessels contain 20 litres of cider, so they're ideal for pubs looking to hold a cider festival, or for venues with limited or weekend opening hours, such as football clubs.

There are five ciders available in Pertainer vessels, which are Sankey Coupler compatible.

To view our wholesale drink offers, log in to from June 19th and click on the price and promotions tab.
Cider was once seen as a drink for wayward teenagers, but thanks to the launch of Magners in 2005, it's now seen as a sophisticated beverage to drink over ice.

Encouragingly, 60% of UK adults now say that they drink cider, compared with 47% this time last year. So how can you make the most of the opportunity this presents?

Sales of cider always rise when the sun is shining, so keep an eye on the weather forecast. Retailers should stock up on multi-packs, and pubs should consider running their own mini cider festival, stocking up on wholesale drink offers available from Booker.

Flavoured ciders have grown in volume sales by 45% in the past year. Both retailers and publicans should ensure they stock a balanced range of flavoured and traditional ciders. Customers who have previously stuck to traditional ciders may wish to explore the new flavoured products, especially during the warmer months.

If a cider is produced locally, this may encourage customers to buy. A number of regional cider producers' products are available through Booker on a national basis; for a full list check

Major brands are planning strong media campaigns this year. Bulmers are focusing on press, posters and digital and Magners are running a TV ad with the strap-line 'Now is a good time', encouraging people to put their mobile phones away and enjoy the moment.

Many lager breweries are moving into cider production, as they see their traditional brands lose share to cider. Examples include Stella Artois Cidre and Carling British Cider.

Many suppliers offer free POS kits for retailers and publicans, so keep an eye out for these.

In Store

Independent retailers should keep their chiller fully stocked. Research shows that 38% of consumers will go elsewhere if they can't find a chilled product.

30% of lost sales are a result of customers not being able to find what they want, so make sure you get the right balance of cider styles and brands to suit your customer profile.

Around 20% of your chiller should be dedicated to cider. Give more space to top sellers.

In the Pub

The 'Ready-to-Drink Revolution' was ignited by continuous New product Development. Don't stock all the ciders on offer- settle on a balanced range to suit your customer base.

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