Carpe Diem : Nine Ways to Seize the Moment this Bank Holiday in England and Wales

Date released:  21st August 2013
Notting Hill

Notting Hill Carnival

Vibrant, colourful and gloriously chaotic, the Notting Hill Carnival will come alive once again this weekend. This fantastic celebration of music, costume and dance will bring a roaring trade to London's pubs and hotels. If you're based in the capital, our branches are ready to help you top up your catering supplies. On Bank Holiday Monday, Nine Elms is open 7am to 4pm, Greenwich 7.30am to 4pm and St Pancras from 6am to 2pm.
With the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year in England and Wales approaching, what can businesses do to maximise the sales opportunity ?

1. Publicise your opening hours

If a customer is thinking of popping to the local shop or pub, but doesn't know if you are open on Bank Holidays, they may stay at home rather than going to the effort of checking. So it's a good idea to put your opening hours right under their nose, both on the premises, and through social media.

2. Remember that the weather will be changeable

The forecast for the whole of the UK is a mixture of sunny intervals and showers. It's going to be relatively warm, so no need to break out the soup and porridge just yet, but if you're in retail, consider stocking ponchos and brollies alongside sun cream for true British versatility!

3. Involve the community

Certain members of the community, in particular the elderly, can get left out of Bank Holiday celebrations. Running social events, such as coffee mornings or in-store tastings, will encourage them to pop in and socialise.

4. Network!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, you'll find that your customers have more time to talk. This is a good opportunity for you to network. Networking isn't about directly pushing your product or service, it's more about helping others and making connections which may turn out to be profitable in future.

5. Cater for holidaymakers

Wherever you are in England and Wales, Bank Holidays tend to mean people on the move. If your business is located in a holiday location, you'll know the drill. But even if you're off the beaten track, remember to offer maps, bottled water and snacks for drivers.

6. Make the most of bank holiday sales

If you need any new equipment for your business, whether a sofa for the pub or a delivery van for the store, this could be a good time to buy, as many companies run August Bank Holiday sales to clear summer stock. And of course, our current food wholesale deals are not to be missed!

7. Keep an eye on service

Let's be honest, staff morale is not always fantastic when they work Bank Holiday shifts, as they may be disappointed to miss out on the festivities. Take steps to ensure that this doesn't impact on service by offering rewards to those who do a good job - carrot is always better than stick!

8. Make the Most of Social Media

In the Bank Holiday rush, it's easy to forget to update your business's Facebook or Twitter. However, in some sections of the population, social media use rises over the Bank Holiday. This makes it an ideal time to capture their attention with deals and new products.

9. Sell for Sharing

Focus on party packs and sharing platters. Bank Holidays are social times, so retailers may wish to stock up on larger multi-packs of beers and crisps, and pubs and restaurants might consider sharing platters. We have all the ingredients you need to create these - just ask in store.

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