Caterers and retailers: it's time to stock up on autumn and winter veg

Date released:  29th October 2012
Booker Wholesale ( is proud to support caterers and retailers alike all through the year, through the busy peak periods and the slower months. For most of these businesses, the winter months still bring a brisk trade, thanks to Halloween, Christmas and New Year's parties and people eating, drinking and purchasing through the festive season. Now is the time for them to consider stocking up on autumn and winter veg to give their customers some hearty, warming fare, and we're the go-to UK wholesale company for those seasonal vegetables.

It's not just animals who gain a winter coat, many people have their own version, gaining a few pounds in autumn and winter. That's because the colder weather means that most of us look for more substantial, filling foods when they cook or eat out. Caterers and retailers need to tap into this changing palate in order to stock or serve the right sort of food to keep their customers happy. At Booker Wholesale we help them do just that thanks to our range of fantastic seasonal autumn and winter seasonal vegetables.

There are some staple vegetables that you'll want to ensure are well stocked in your catering supplies or in the aisles of your retail store which provide the ingredients to some hearty winter cooking. Of course there are the mainstays of onions, leeks and potatoes which flavour and bulk up many wintry recipes, but there are also those veg varieties that don't get much of a look-in in the summer months such as parsnips and swedes.

We have ensured that our customers can get easy access to the very freshest, top quality vegetables which thrive in the winter months and which will help pubs, bars, bistros and retailers keep their customers happy this winter season. Booker is one of the few UK wholesalers which can provide such a great range of fresh vegetables, direct from the growers, all year-round.

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