Chef's Larder Chicken Range, the most versatile way to serve the most versatile meat

Date released:  10th August 2012
It's generally agreed that chicken is the most versatile meat, with a flavour and texture which lends itself to all sorts of recipes - hot and cold, fancy and basic. Now there is a fantastically versatile way to serve this most versatile of meats, thanks to the Chef's Larder Chicken Range from leading UK wholesaler Booker Wholesale (

Booker's very own Chef's Larder Chicken Pieces are pre-cooked, flavoured, top quality chicken pieces which can either be thawed and served cold on a buffet or safely reheated to serve hot as a delicious starter. They are just as tasty cold as they are reheated, and being frozen doesn't sacrifice the quality of the meat or the flavour. These are chicken pieces which you can buy in bulk, freeze and use them whenever required, ensuring caterers never run out of this versatile ingredient, while also cutting down on their wastage.

Within the Chef's Larder Chicken Pieces range, you'll find Wings of Fire, which as the name suggests pack a deliciously spicy punch; Barbecue Chicken Wings, because who doesn't love the taste of barbecued chicken; and finally classic Roast Chicken Drumsticks, one of the staples of many a wholesale catering order.

Then there's the Chef's Larder Frozen Pre-Cooked Chicken, available in breasts, strips and diced chunks which make it easy to use in a huge number of chicken dishes. Again, this is wholesale chicken which can be defrosted and used cold or reheated to serve in hot dishes, completely safe and utterly delicious.

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