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Date released:  18th July 2013
Coffee to Go

New to the Coca-Cola range!

If youíre an independent retailer, chances are, you stock Coca-Cola. The brand is so ubiquitous, it would be a definite own goal to leave it off the shelves. So what if we told you there was a way to increase your sales of good old Coke?

Introducing new Coke 250ml. This smaller can, price marked 45p, makes the drink more affordable, and allows health-conscious consumers to give themselves a small treat.

Coca-Cola say that this line, when stocked alongside 330ml cans and 500ml bottles, can increase volume sales of the whole Coca-Cola range by 26%.

Itís available in all branches now, so why not give it a try?
Many of us have got a soft spot for Chinese food.

This is partly down to the vibrant flavours: crispy chilli beef; sweet and sour pork; beef in black bean sauce.

But itís also because dinner in a Chinese restaurant is a real occasion. A traditional Chinese banquet, prepared with skill and love, is the perfect meal to bring friends and family together.

Also, no one need ever go hungry in a Chinese restaurant. Forget fiddly nouveau cuisine, when your order ĎSet Menu Bí, the hospitality never ends. It can be hard to believe that the beautifully presented platter of prawn toast, nutty chicken satay and tempura prawns is just for starters.

These delicious dishes are also fantastic as a take-away; thereís something really cosy about sharing a Chinese at home with friends.

At Booker weíre really proud to serve thousands of UK Chinese restaurants. We want to make sure you have the catering supplies you need at prices that support your business goals.

Thatís why, for the next eight weeks, weíre offering a great range of Chinese Specials. Our top quality meats, including Australian whole beef topside and imported whole duck will work perfectly in Chinese dishes. And quick-cook options such as Lucky Dragon pre-steamed noodles will make your life easier.

If youíre preparing top notch food, youíll be looking for some great quality, popular drinks options for your customers. Weíve lowered the prices of Tiger beer, Chang beer and Marcel Hubert boxed wine, so make the most of the saving, and spread the word!

Finally, itís always good to save money on daily essentials, so donít miss our discounts on all three sizes of Infiniti takeaway food bags.

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