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Date released:  5th June 2013
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Lots of our independent retail customers have asked us for a mid-range ice cream - something more luxurious than our large tubs of soft scoop, but a little less pricey than premium brands.

Classic Ice Cream – a delicious range of four great flavours at a highly competitive price point of just £2.25 RRP for 900ml, with over 30% POR. They're in most branches now, and reports suggest they’re already selling well. We’d love to hear your feedback.
Father's Day can sometimes be overshadowed by Mother's Day, but the truth is that it's a great opportunity for businesses.

Most mums have a long wish list of jewellery, accessories, handbags, scarves, posh smellies and chocolates that they would like, but Dads can be more difficult. Unless you know precisely which gadget they want for their new bike, or can afford to buy them a Ferrari, they are notoriously difficult to buy for. There are only so many golf themed tankers they require!

So if you work in retail, do what you can to offer the consumer a simple solution for Father's Day. We've got some great drink wholesale offers for Father's Day, including The Famous Grouse, which comes in its own 'The Famous Dad' box, and delicious Campo Dorado Rioja. For Dad's with a sweet tooth, we've discounted Thornton's Classic Chocolate Selection, too.

Why not get a bit creative and encourage shoppers to put together a Father's Day meal, with deals on pizza, red wine and ice cream? Or, seeing as it's a Sunday, perhaps offer a deal on orange juice, crumpets or muffins, and a Sunday paper, for breakfast in bed?

If you run a restaurant or a licensed catering business, the next time you log into, you will see an icon that says 'Father's Day, everything you need!'

Click on this and you'll be given a suggested menu, a shopping list, portion costings, and a blank template that you can customise. The portion costings show how you can offer a free malt whisky with every two course meal and still make a great profit.

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