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Date released:  28th June 2012
There's much more to being in the hospitality business than just food and drink, and it takes a lot more to keep customers happy than simply serving them refreshments. The cleanliness of the premises is a key component of a successful business, both in order to satisfy the clientele and to stay within Health & Safety guidelines. As a purchaser of products from Booker Wholesale (, including all the wholesale hygiene supplies you could need, you are entitled to a free cleaning manual which is tailored to your business.

Booker is here to help you in every aspect of running a business in the hospitality industry and the areas of health and hygiene are no exception. Booker has designed its very own range of wholesale hygiene supplies called Chef's Larder Hygiene, products which have been specially formulated to meet the stringent demands of Health & Safety legislation.

Wholesale hygiene supplies which need to perform in a professional environment have to be up to the job. Not only is professional cleaning on a much larger scale, with kitchens, bathrooms and public areas under greater pressure when it comes to hygiene, but it also needs to be carried out within the strict parameters set out by Health & Safety regulations. Our Chef's Larder Hygiene wholesale hygiene supplies help your business make the grade when it comes to professional cleanliness, and because these are a Booker-own brand and therefore excellent value, they could save your company thousands in the process.

Choose the Chef's Larder Hygiene wholesale supplies from Booker and you get the added benefit of a comprehensive cleaning manual absolutely free of charge. In one easy-to-use, handy reference guide, you have everything you need to help you comply with food hygiene legislation, tailor-made specifically for your business. Find out the list of cleaning products that your type of business needs to have, including instruction cards for each of those products. Receive Safety Data Sheets and colour-coded wall charts for each product, as well as cleaning record sheets - all absolutely free to you as a purchaser of our wholesale hygiene supplies.

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