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Date released:  10th May 2013

Chef's Larder Cooking Sauces

Our Chef’s Larder cooking sauces are daily staples for many of our customers. High quality, tasty and packed with natural ingredients, they’re amongst our strongest selling catering supplies. This year we’re introducing 17 mouth-watering new sauces from all around the world. The new Asian sauces include Sweet Chilli, Plum, Hoi Sin and Szechwan. From South America, we’re introducing Jerk, Cajun, Chilli con Carne, Smokey BBQ, and Premium Spicy Maple Chipotle BBQ. New marinades include Honey & Mustard, Sweet Chilli, Ginger & Lime, Lemon & Herb, Teriyaki and Piri Piri.
Summer is on its way and early reports suggest it's going to be a good one!

This is fantastic news for consumers who were disappointed by last year's grey, rainy washout.

If we do get good weather, the public will be determined to make the most of it, which should translate into great sales!

It's important to meet consumer demand, so get down to your local food wholesaler and stock up on these seasonal essentials...

Chilled drinks

When the weather is scorching there is nothing better than a tasty cold beer, cider or soft drink.

To prepare for the summer season, first check your chiller looks appealing. Group similar products together, aim for multiple facings of each product, and try to have straight lines running up and down the chiller unit. Include bags of party ice for customers planning a gathering.

Make sure you keep drinks cold:- research has shown that 80% of shoppers buying Beer & Cider will consume their purchase within two hours of picking it up. If it's not cold, you could be losing out on people not picking up these products in your store. Conversely, if it is cold you could make more profit. Research shows that a fifth of lager buyers and a quarter of cider buyers are willing to pay more for a chilled product.

Next, make sure your customers know how to access the chiller unit from the minute they walk through the door. Use bright, colourful POS, and create in-store theatre using balloons, accessories and big, bold displays.

Don't forget flavoured ciders, which are set to be this summer's star sellers. In the past year the flavoured cider category has grown from 17% to 25% of the overall cider category.

Finally, make sure that the message ‘Ice Cold Soft Drinks and Beers Sold Here' is carried outside your store. Using a-boards and swing boards on the pavement outside to highlight the temperature and any special offers you are running.

Barbecue Food

Nothing says summer like the taste of a barbecued sausage, the outside caramelised and crispy, the inside full of juicy pork, or a burger served with onions and relish in a sesame seed bap.

Our Butcher's Market Lincolnshire Sausages and Quarter Pounder Burgers are a great option for retailers. They are currently price-marked at £2 which will appeal to customers looking for quality without breaking the bank.

We also sell disposable barbecues and a wide range of white, seeded and wholemeal baps and finger rolls.


We've got some great offers running on Calipos, Cadbury Flakes, Cornettos, Wall's Twisters, Classic Tropical and Magnums.

These offers run until 15th May, but look out for lots more fantastic deals throughout the summer. Simply visit, type ‘Ice Cream' into the search box, and select ‘Prices Down' to see our latest offers.

Many of our most successful retail customers take these discounts and pass them onto their customers through in-store promotions, which increases footfall into store.

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