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Date released:  4th September 2013
Happy Shopper Cakes
Our Happy Shopper cakes are one of the brand's biggest success stories this year !

Since their launch in October 2012, we've sold over 670,000 cases to retailers, and an estimated 14,814,456 individual cakes have been eaten across the UK.

New for September, we've introduced a terrifically tempting range of tray bakes. They're offered to independent retailers on a Sale-or-Return basis, with a minimum 30.1% POR.

Each one has its own special charm, so we thought some introductions were in order...

Chocolate Brownie

Just as a brownie should be. Your teeth break through a thin crunchy layer on the outside, yet the inside is rich gooey heaven.

6 Brownie Mini Bites

Just like the bigger brownies, but ridiculously moreish. 'Just one more square,' you'll tell yourself. If you're on a diet, watch out!

5 Almond Slices

Very similar to the Bakewell Tarts in construction, with a layer of pastry topped with sweet raspberry jam, delicate sponge cake, and delicious toasted almonds.


The preferred nibble of The Famous Five and sensible ramblers everywhere, this combination of oats, honey and butter is very sustaining, and yummy with tea.

6 Flapjack Mini Bites

Sometimes you just need a little something. Nothing too extravagant and all things in moderation, but a little sweet treat to keep you going. In such circumstances, the Flapjack Mini Bite is your cake.

5 Fairy Slices

These traditional treats are perfect for ladies taking afternoon tea. Best served on fine bone china alongside a delicate cup of Lapsang Souchong, followed by a wafer thin mint !

5 Chocolate Cake Slices

The chocolate cake is everyone's favourite, the David Beckham of cakes. He's got an easy popularity and he charms everyone he meets.

The Biscuits

Alongside our tasty new cakes, we have a supporting cast of Happy Shopper Biscuits, available in shelf-ready packaging, also offered with full Sale or Return.

They include Milk Chocolate Fingers, Milk Chocolate Wafers and Chocolate Caramel Wafers and are sure to fly off the shelves.

Find all of these new both biscuits and cakes in store from 9th September.

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