Get involved with the first ever British Roast Dinner Week with Booker!

Date released:  1st October 2012
This year marks the inaugural British Roast Dinner Week, 1-7 October 2012, a fitting celebration of the meal that is officially one of the top things we love most about Britain*, the humble roast! Leading UK wholesale company Booker Wholesale ( has everything you could possibly need to get involved and make the most out of a week's worth of catering celebrating the British Roast Dinner.

A staggering 385 million roast dinners were served outside of the home in Britain last year**. Even though a roast dinner may be offered at a lower price point than other meals, that's still a lot of potential profit for restaurants and gastro pubs. But it looks like the demand could still be outstripping current supply, something caterers can really take advantage of. Knorr Gravy recently carried out research that found that 65% of consumers want roasts to be on menus throughout the week and not just as the traditional Sunday lunch fare.

Knorr category manager for sauces, Sarah Branagan, said: "Our research confirms how much the British public love roast dinners. More than 80% of consumers have enjoyed this popular meal out of home in the last three months, which is why we're excited to be sponsoring British Roast Dinner Week. We want to help operators meet consumer demand and increase profits by serving roasts every day of the week."

This promotional week is a natural fit for UK wholesalers Booker Wholesale - after all, we're in the business of helping caterers and retailers "meet consumer demand and increase profits" every day of the week. [Our Autumn/Winter 2012 Range & Price Guide includes] We stock every product you could possibly need to serve up any type of meat or even vegetarian roast you can think of, not forgetting all the side dishes, gravy and condiments that really top off a roast. And then there's the accompanying wholesale drink and desserts that really help you boost that bottom line.

*Mail Online - T-Mobile research 2012
**MPF Crest YE Dec 2010

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