Go Cupcake Crazy!

Date released:  15th February 2013
Happy Shopper Cup Cakes!
Delicious, pretty cupcakes are all the rage these days. Last year more than 700 million cupcakes were sold in the US, so anyone who works in food retail is missing a trick if they don't stock them!

The only downside is that cupcakes can be a little pricey for the budget conscious customer looking for retail value.

Luckily, the Happy Shopper cake range features 12 new products this year, and three of them are cupcakes! The Strawberry swirl cupcakes are fabulously girly, while the pretty Iced Cupcakes are perfect for sharing with colleagues or friends.

The rest of Booker's retail value cake offering is equally delectable. There are three tasty loaf cakes in store, Cherry and Almond, Chocolate, and Lemon. A thick slice of the Lemon Loaf Cake is amazing with a cup of Earl Grey.

Light, fluffy muffins should be part of any retail offering, and the Happy Shopper range now includes both Chocolate and Blueberry muffins.

All these products are in store now, and over the next few weeks, they will be joined by Toffee and Chocolate Muffins, Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl Cupcakes, a Golden Madeira Loaf Cake, a Toffee Loaf Cake and a Fruit Loaf Cake.

This is a fantastic range of retail value products offering choice, value and profit opportunity with POR of up to 30.17%. The larger sized cakes are really great value, so make sure you shout about them!

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