Heatwave Hijinks

Date released:  12th July 2013
Food Festival Fun

Coffee to Go

A coffee on the go is a great treat, and these days more and more of us are stopping in at our favourite coffee shop on the way to work.

Our new range of Infinity catering supplies is perfect for hotels, cafes and restaurants looking to capitalise on this demand.

The range includes disposable paper cups, double walled cups, and sip lid, and are in most branches now.
As the country basks in the glory of Andy Murray’s triumph, and the sun blazes down, publicans up and down the country are getting ready for a big weekend.

While the hot weather is great for business, it can be really hectic, so we’ve put together a list of the top ten tips for keeping your cool.

1. Make sure you have enough staff working over the weekend. This will ensure that there’s always someone on hand to collect glassware from the beer garden, and it will also mean that kitchen staff can take regular breaks from the hot cooking environment.

2. Stock up on essentials such as beer, bottled water and soft drinks at your local wholesale. High-spirited customers might be determined to drink the bar dry, so make sure you stay one step ahead!

3. Although sunshine is great for trade, the competition is still stiff, and for many publicans, this is the season they rely upon to see them through the dry spells. To stay competitive, take advantage of Booker’s great deals on wholesale food and drink here, and pass these savings on to your customers in the form of meal deals and hotspot offers on chosen drinks.

4. Consider tweaking your menu to offer more hot weather options. Grilled fish, barbecued prawns, salads, kebabs, fruit salads and sorbet all tend to go down well at this time of year.

5. Now’s a great time to top up your glassware collection. No one wants to run out of glasses when customers are four-deep at the bar, so check out our hard-wearing, great value options here.

6. Create a sense of occasion, and make this weekend one to remember. Try decking your beer garden with fairy lights and inviting a local band or magician to perform, or holding a quiz night outdoors.

7. Now is the perfect time to hold a cider festival. Booker’s own ‘cider festival’ is still running, and our new 20 litre, Sankey coupler compatible petainers have been top sellers. The petainers are smaller than kegs, allowing you to offer your customers a greater range of different ciders for the same cash outlay.

8. Don’t forget the kids! Offer light kids menus and jugs of tap water. You could even put up a tent in the beer garden for children to play in and shelter from the sun.

9. Use your oven as little as possible, as this will heat the kitchen space you are working in.

10. Stay hydrated and take naps! You can’t run a business empire if you’re hot and tired. In warmer weather, women need 2.2 litres of water per day, and men need 3 litres.

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