How retailers can get involved in their local communities this Christmas time

Date released:  10th November 2012
As much as Christmas has traditionally been a time of peace and goodwill, it has also attracted a reputation at times for crass commercialism - to the point where some people may have lost their faith in this time of year being about its more time-honoured values. One way in which retailers can combat this is by bringing their local customers the very best prices for the widest range of great quality goods, courtesy of Booker Wholesale's ( highly rated foodservice... but it is not the only way.

That's because there are so many different ways in which retailers of all sizes can really evoke the spirit of Christmas as they also relieve the current budgetary pressure on many households by providing the very best groceries, frozen food, consumables, alcohol, meat, durables and more at the most competitive prices. Certainly, those retailers that bulk buy from Booker Wholesale don't have to fret about the latter, but it's also possible for retailers to use these generous prices to extend some generosity of their own that is entirely befitting of the festive season.

Given that this is a time of year when we should be especially vigilant to look out for the most vulnerable members of our society, you might, for example, want to provide services that they will appreciate as the nights draw in and the snow falls - such as home deliveries for the elderly. Or for those who do make it through the snow, wind or rain to reach your store, why not reward them by handing out free mince pies and mulled wine as they enter?

These are the kind of personal, but conveniently inexpensive touches that really give your local customers the impression that you have thought of them, and there's no reason why the younger members of society can't also be catered for. Have you considered, for example, getting in touch with the local school secretary or PTA about supplying the required ingredients for Christmas parties or sales at the school? Or why not make donations to local schools and charities or set up a community fund for the support of other local activities?

Other ways of retailers becoming more involved in their local communities this Christmas time include organising or even part-sponsoring local events such as Christmas markets or parties. Indeed, sponsorship can also be extended to such local events as church plays, or even local sporting clubs such as those playing football or cricket. Retailers that are lucky enough to have a forecourt may even consider building goodwill by providing advice on basic car maintenance or what to do in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Whatever you do to boost your own retailer's community involvement this Christmas, Booker Wholesale ( is on standby to provide the ultimate food wholesale service to ease your stress.

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