It's Valentine's, and Everyone's Invited!

Date released:  1th February 2013
New Product Alert!

Hot on the heels of our highly successful Happy Shopper flapjacks, gingerbread and cookies, which launched last year, we are pleased to announce some new additions to the range:

  • Happy Shopper Chocolate Muffins 4s
  • Happy Shopper Blueberry Muffins 4s
  • Happy Shopper Swirly Strawberry Cupcakes 4s
  • Happy Shopper Lemon Loaf Cake 350g
  • Happy Shopper Iced Lemon & Choc Cup Cakes 4s
  • Happy Shopper Assorted Muffins 4s
  • Happy Shopper Assorted Swirly Cup Cakes 4s
  • Happy Shopper Golden Madeira Loaf Cake 350g
  • Happy Shopper Toffee Loaf Cake 350g
  • Happy Shopper Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake 350g
  • Happy Shopper Chocolate Loaf Cake 350g
  • Happy Shopper Classic Fruit Loaf Cake 350g

  • From Monday, you'll see these great new products in your local branch!
    Pop into a restaurant on Valentine's Day and you'll see a more varied mix of people than you might expect.

    Of course, you'll see young couples in the first flush of love. But you might also spot retired couples toasting years of 'give and take', single ladies enjoying a meal out with friends, and daughters taking their elderly mothers out for a treat.

    This new trend for unconventional Valentine's Day socialising recognises that love is something to celebrate whether or not you are in a traditional partnership.

    And this means that restaurants and café's can make a fantastic profit from a wider pool of customers, particularly if they take advantage of great wholesale food and wine deals.

    Niall Brannigan, Catering Sales Controller for Booker Wholesale, said: "Valentine's Day is a brilliant time to encourage people to dine at your restaurant, even if they are not currently in a relationship. Why not build this into your advertising, suggesting customers treat a friend, for example?"

    Niall recommends that restaurants and café's extend St Valentine's Day beyond February 14th.

    He said: "Many restaurants have boosted profits by advertising a 'Valentine's Weekend' that runs from Thursday to Sunday. This appeals to those with busy working lives who have more time to enjoy a romantic meal at the weekend."

    Once you've sorted out your advertising, the next step is a trip to your local branch of Booker to pick up some wholesale food and wine.

    At Booker, we have some incredible offers on everything you need to create a feast.

    There's whole lobster tails for less than a fiver, melt-in-the-mouth Australian filet steak for £6 per 8 ounce steak, and rich, velvety chocolate tartlets at 70p each.

    For the wine list, we've got premium quality reds, whites and roses, alongside crisp, refreshing heritage champagnes, many with up to 25% off if you buy before February 19th.

    And Booker offer more than just wholesale food and wine at fantastic prices. We also have a great set of resources to download, including a Valentine's menu which you can customise and print out, a suggested menu with portion costings, a shopping list to help you whiz down the aisles, and some valuable marketing tips.

    To access all this, just click on the 'Valentine's Specials' banner on the Booker website.

    And when the last customer has left, you've blown out the candles, and finished the dishes, we hope you find time to have a little Valentine's Day celebration of your own.

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