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Date released:  11th March 2013
St Patrick's Day (March 17th) falls on a Sunday this year, so it's an amazing opportunity to tempt customers into your pub or restaurant and make a great profit.

If you're thinking of offering a special St Patrick's Day lunch, we've got lots of resources to help you. Just visit the Booker website and click on the ‘Winter Season' tab, then ‘Event Opportunities'. Here, you can download a suggested menu, featuring Colcannon and Irish Stew.

A good Irish stew is aromatic, rich and comforting. The basic ingredients include neck of lamb, both floury and waxy potatoes, carrots, onions, chives, thyme and parsley.

To save time, ask the butcher at your wholesaler to prepare the lamb so it is filleted and boned for you. For a full recipe, along with portion costings, just download the ‘Hints and Tips' page on the Booker website.

Music is of course a large part of the Irish heritage. Depending on your customer type, you may want to find a folk band or singer-songwriter to perform, or create a stage and hold an ‘open mike' night.

If your business is located near a university or college, you're likely to be inundated with students. Get prepared by nipping to your local wholesaler and stocking up on Baileys, Irish whisky, Magners Irish Cider and of course, Guinness. At Booker, your trusty wholesaler, we're offering discounts on all these products, so you can pass the savings on to your customers.

Some other ideas for encouraging students through your doors include:

  • A fancy dress competition
  • A free gift, such as a t-shirt, for anyone who buys a round of drinks.
  • A quiz night
  • A charity prize draw

  • Finally, if you feel like offering your customers something really different on St Patrick's Day, why order some of the new Guinness crisps? These are surprisingly tasty, and Booker is offering a free case of 12 packets with every keg of Guinness you buy.

    PANEL Coca Cola Vanilla was re-launched in the UK just a few weeks ago and the response has been fantastic. Lots of you have included this in your weekly wholesale drink shop, and if the comments on Booker's Facebook wall (include link) are anything to go buy, it's proved to be very popular with customers.

    Building on this success, Coca Cola have now introduced a 500ml bottle format for Coca Cola Vanilla, available in both price marked and plain bottles. It's available in the wholesale drink section of your local Booker now!

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