Making the most of Easter

Date released:  20th March 2013
Catering at Easter - Easter Eggs

Idea for an Easter menu...

Delicious, smooth Paté, served with toast and a fresh green salad, is a favourite starter for many customers.

That's why we've added five great quality paté products to our Chef's Larder range of catering supplies.

The patés available are:

  • Chef's Larder Ardennes
  • Chef's Larder Brussels
  • Chef's Larder Farmhouse
  • Chef's Larder Premium Duck and Orange
  • Chef's Larder Premium Chicken Liver
  • Easter Sunday, falling on March 31st this year, is a great time to get everyone in your community together for some fun, whilst improving the profile of your business and boosting profits.

    Family Fun

    If your restaurant has a garden, invite local families to an Easter egg hunt. Hide small eggs, such as Cadbury Crème Eggs and Kinder Surprise, around the garden and give children a time limit in which to find as many as they can. If you plan this event for 11am, families are likely to stay for lunch.

    Even if you don’t have a garden, there’s still lots you can do to create a fun atmosphere. Why not decorate the inside of your pub or restaurant with daffodils or crocuses in pots? You could also fill hollow chocolate eggs with money off vouchers or raffle tickets.

    As ever, start by making sure you’re stocked up on catering supplies. Then, once you’ve planned your menu, advertise your Easter meal deals far and wide.

    Celebratory Feast

    When it comes to lunch, start with the freshest produce and best quality catering supplies available. Our customers rave about the quality of our five bone rib of beef, boneless lamb leg and horseshoe gammon. And with our ‘Super Six’(link) fruit and vegetable promotion, you can get the pick of the crop for less.

    We haven’t forgotten to include puddings in our Easter range of catering supplies. Creamy French brie, piquant blue stilton, woodland fruit tarts and chocolate tartlettes are all available at a discount.

    Easter Tipples

    While the children are running around the garden, keep the adults entertained by creating an ‘Easter Cocktail Menu’ including famous cocktails like the Bramble, Blue Cottontail and Pink Bonnet. Gordon’s Gin, which will work well in a Bramble cocktail, is one of many catering supplies currently on offer at Booker.

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