Petfood profit for independant retailers

Date released:  14th March 2013

Happy Shopper petfood

Weíre thrilled to announce that from March 20th our new Happy Shopper petfood range will be available in all Booker branches. The range has been carefully developed by our pet care team to include a full complement of products; ideal for independent retailers.

There are 43 products in the new range, including dry food, wet food, cat litter and treats. Consumers will appreciate the great value price-marked packs, and independent retailers benefit from a POR of at least 30%.
Last week, thousands of pet lovers around the world had their eyes glued to the worldís largest dog show, broadcast live from the Birmingham NEC.

More than 28,000 dogs took part in this yearís Crufts. Viewers watched as every breed imaginable, from Afghan Hound to Airedale Terrier, competed for prizes in obedience, agility and heelwork.

Independent Retail Opportunity

Itís no coincidence the most impressive dog show in the world is broadcast from the UK. We are a nation of pet lovers, and for independent retailers this presents a huge opportunity.

According to Purina, there are 17 million cats and dogs in the UK, and the annual petfood market is worth £2 billion.

Most dog owners feed their pets a mixture of wet and dry food. Wet dog food is the biggest category, worth 331 million and growing each year. Itís also worth noting that 28% of dog food sales come from treats.

Purrfect Profits

While itís hard to imagine a cat version of Crufts (cats are simply too dignified) we all still love to have our cats around, spending £903 million feeding them each year.

Single serve cat food is the largest category, worth £517 million annually. Around 80% of cat owners include dry cat food in their petís menu, and luxury cat food is growing by 11% a year, so itís essential to stock a wide range of products.

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