Prices locked down on popular essentials

Date released:  16th April 2013

Prices Locked Down Favourites

  • The Nescafe Original 1kg tin features in the leaflet at a price that Niall describes as 'incredible'.

  • KP Dry Roasted Peanut Cards (24 packs for the price of 16) features on the leaflet again, at a fantastic 25% saving.

  • The price freeze on Grey Goose Vodka will allow many pubs and clubs to upgrade to a premium product. Niall says 'encourage your bar staff to ask customers whether they would like Smirnoff or Grey Goose. People are happy to trade up for a premium product, and it can earn you more cash profit per drink.
  • Any thriving business recognises the importance of planning ahead. It’s true that life is unpredictable. You can’t predict a great review online that results in an influx of customers. You can't predict a competitor opening up next door.

    However, if you can keep as much as possible under your control, you'll be ready to react when life throws a surprise your way.

    That's why the Booker 'Prices Locked Down' leaflet is so popular with our catering customers. We pick 200 of our best selling food wholesale lines, and freeze the prices for at least two months.

    Reliable Food Wholesale Value

    Our latest ‘Prices Locked Down’ leaflet starts this Wednesday, and runs until June 18th.

    The leaflet includes meat, fish and poultry, dairy and bakery items, pates, spreads and cooking sauces, hot drinks and cleaning products. There are also beers and lagers in keg and bottle form, spirits and hotel essentials.

    Niall Brannigan, Booker's Catering Sales Controller, "At 198 products, this is the biggest & best Locked Down leaflet we have ever produced.

    "There's so much variety – for example, you can put together a complete English breakfast using products from the leaflet.

    "And having prices Locked Down means our customers can price their menus with confidence."

    Good, Better, Best

    The leaflet clearly shows pricing on good, better and best options on staple items such as chicken, eggs and bread. The Chef's Larder British Mild White Cheese, for example, is only 50p per kg more expensive than the Booker Basics White Cheese. Your Catering Development Manager or Area Manager will be happy to talk you through it.

    So, while rising food prices make the headlines, you'll be safe in the knowledge that your food wholesale supplier will offer you reliably good value.

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