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Date released:  10th July 2012
We're happy to say that at Booker Wholesale (, we've built up a veritable army of happy customers from all kinds of sectors, from wholesale and retail clients to one-man-band sole traders, mass caterers and small family businesses. But let's take a moment to look at just some of the reasons why our foodservice is ideal for catering supplies.

First of all there's the fantastic choice offered to caterers by Booker wholesale, in fact it's one of the most comprehensive ranges out there. Caterers can choose from thousands of branded products that they regularly use and have come to trust, offered at highly competitive prices, as well as our own Booker exclusive brands which really help bring down the cost of regular foodservice orders without sacrificing quality. Our catering supplies also include fresh fruit and vegetables, both branded and Booker exclusive, with one of the fastest farm to customer lead times, and a professional butchery department which offers caterers the cuts of meat they require.

Then there's our extra catering supplies which further add value, such as Chef Direct. This is a new force in foodservice which provides catering chains with a customised solution: outstanding product choice and excellent service offered at great prices. And our in-store keg collection service on a range of 11 and 25 gallon kegs which are ideal for topping up when your own stock for an event is running low.

One thing unites our foodservice offering for caterers, whether its our standard range of catering supplies or specialist services such as Chef Direct, and that is price. We have earned our impressive reputation thanks in part due to our unfailing commitment to low prices across the board, helping our customers maximise their profits.

And last, but by no means least, there is the Booker attitude to service. We know that our caterers believe in offering their own customers the very best service possible, so it's only right that we extend the same courtesy to them. We're justifiably proud of our customer service which strives for excellence in all areas of the business, from in-store to online and beyond.

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