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Date released:  13th August 2013

Fun Freddo Faces

Each bag of new Freddo Faces contains cute frog faces in five different expressions; happy, confused, cheeky, angry and in love.

Ideal for the independent retailer, Freddo Faces have real novelty value. Put them near the till and give careful consideration to pricing, to help to boost impulse sales.

Last night, teenagers throughout England and Wales had butterflies in their in tummies, twiddling thumbs, and finger nails bitten to the quick...

Today, the wait is over, and students have received the results that could shape the rest of their lives.

Now the teenagers have been through the nerve-wracking moment when they tear into the results envelope, they'll be looking for somewhere to regroup and refuel.

With this in mind, if you run a restaurant, bar or café, it's a great idea to promote a special 'Results Day' Menu.

Results Day Munchies

Offer some tasty, fresh options such as paninis, burgers and salads. Cupcakes always go down well, and you could offer a free glass of Prosecco or Bucks Fizz with a meal, provided the students are over 18.

Encourage parents and teens to eat together by offering a special family dinner. Make sure you have all the catering supplies you need, and offer meal choices to appeal to all ages.

Party Time

It's predicted that around 350,000 students will be celebrating tonight, having achieving the grades they need to go to university.

Many will head to local pubs and bars, so it's a good time to review your proof-of-age policies, and reinforce staff training, to ensure you are fully protected.

The majority of those who received a-level results today will be over 18, so you could throw a results day party. Decorate the room, hire a great DJ and run promotions on snacks and drinks.

Think Ahead

If you live near a university or college, now is the time to start preparing for 'Fresher's Week.' Make the most of our fantastic wholesale food and drink offers now!

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