Save money and save the planet: free recycling for cardboard and shrink-wrap at Booker

Date released:  18th April 2012
Booker Wholesale ( is proud to announce a new service which promises not only to save our customers money, but help to save the planet at the same time. Following the success of our oil recycling service, we're proving to be among the most environmentally conscious foodservice companies out there with the launch of our free recycling service for cardboard and shrink-wrap.

We understand that however necessary recycling is, it can still be a drain on time, resources and costs. Most of our customers buy in bulk, which naturally means a regular accumulation of cardboard and shrink-wrap packaging. Putting time aside to take this bulky packaging to the nearest recycling centre (once you've found it) is one thing, but having to store the cardboard and shrink-wrap until that time comes around is another, costing our customers both time and money in terms of storage space which could be used for stock.

Now, the problem is solved with our free cardboard and shrink-wrap recycling service. Simply sign up free of charge in any one of our branches, and you'll be able to recycle your cardboard and shrink-wrap when you make your regular runs to your local Booker branch. No more extra recycling trips taking you away from your business; no more piles of packaging taking up valuable space in your stockroom.

We've made our recycling centres easy and quick to use, with clearly marked areas for each recycling type and large enough recycling bins so that you'll always be able to drop off your recycling without waiting in line. All our cardboard, shrink-wrap and oil recycling services fully comply with UK waste legislation, which means that when you use our recycling service, your business is also in full compliance.

This new recycling service doesn't just prove our commitment to the environmental cause, but because it saves our customers money, time, hassle and storage, it is further proof of our ongoing commitment to providing the very best customer service possible within the wholesale industry.

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