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Date released:  18th June 2013
Wimbledon 2013

What a deuce of a good idea!

When you're using great quality ingredients, it's crucial to marry them with the right sauce.

Our new Chef's Larder dried sauce mixes are a catering supplies cupboard staple, and they're top quality too.

Unlike many dried sauces, which sometimes fall short of their liquid counterparts, these new sauces have been carefully developed and taste tested by our expert technical team.

The sauces available include:
  • Bechamel Sauce Mix
  • Cheese Sauce Mix
  • Demi Glace Sauce Mix
  • Curry Sauce Mix
  • Pepper Sauce Mix
  • Parsley Sauce Mix
  • Bread Sauce Mix
  • Roux Granules
  • Chilli Con Carne Sauce Mix
  • Chasseur Sauce Mix
  • Bolognese Sauce Mix
  • Thickening Granules

  • Look out for them in Booker branches soon!
    The grass is being clipped, the high ranking players are flying in, and tennis fans can barely contain their excitement. Yes that’s right, it's just five days until the start of Wimbledon.

    Wimbledon is one of four prestigious international 'Grand Slam' tennis tournaments, so anyone who manages to bag a ticket is guaranteed to see some world class tennis.

    At Wimbledon itself, the menu is very British. The venue’s many food stalls sell more than 190,000 sandwiches, 30,000 portions of fish and chips, 150,000 glasses of Pimms and 300,000 cups of tea during the tournament.

    The consumption of Strawberries and cream is infamous; spectators get through an amazing 2,000kg of fresh strawberries and 7,000kg of cream per day!

    While Wimbledon draws a crowd of around 500,000 people, this figure is dwarfed by the number- 1.8 billion - watching on television. This, combined with the influx of tourists in many areas of the country, means that Wimbledon is a fantastic opportunity for pubs, bars, restaurants and shops.

    As always, if you're screening the matches, make sure you advertise this in advance. If you’re lucky, tennis fans will bring their friends and family with them.

    Cafés and restaurants might like to consider putting on an extra Wimbledon menu, featuring Strawberries and Cream and finger sandwiches. Take a look at our All About Food book for some tips on making the most of sandwiches.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a British summer without Pimms. Have you tried the new Special Edition Blackberry and Elderflower Pimms? If not, now is a great time to introduce it to your customers.

    For an even more unusual twist on the theme, why not make the most of our extensive wholesale drink range, and mix Frutatto Strawberry Liqueur with Cream Soda for a Wimbledon cocktail?

    These menu ideas are quick, easy, and high profit, so whether Andy Murray wins or loses, it'll be game, set and match for your business.

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