Trust Booker for outstanding service and availability at a critical time of year

Date released:  15th December 2011
Christmas means something different to caterers and the owners of pubs, hotels and restaurants than to the average man or woman on the street. Instead of winding down work, looking forward to some time off and lots of festive partying, those in the hospitality industry are there to make it happen for everyone else. For them it's a critical time of year; a time when they need to rely on their wholesaler more than ever. They know that they can trust Booker ( for outstanding service and availability over this vital Christmas period.


The average hotelier, caterer, bar or restaurant owner has so much more to factor in when it comes to running their business over the busy Christmas period. There's seasonal products they don't normally need to order; there's Christmas office parties, family groups and merry revellers to keep happy; there's staffing issues at a time when it needs to be all hands to the pump. The last thing they need to worry about is their wholesale catering supplier letting them down in the provision of all the essentials required at what can be a frantic time of year.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service all year-round, but customer feedback shows that there's no more important time to excel in this area than at Christmas. Our wholesale clients trust us to be there for them throughout the festive season no matter what the issue. Booker can get access to the products which are most in-demand right up until the last minute.

We believe our delivery team provides an excellent service for our customers at this time of year. We have made it through some of the worst snow storms the UK has seen and to some of the most remote locations you can imagine. It's all in a day's work for Booker, making Christmas day as easy to deal with as your average run-of-the-mill work day.


Having access to the products which every caterer and hospitality business in the UK needs at the same time is key at Christmas, and not always easy to get from some food wholesale firms. Being one of the largest catering supplies providers in the UK means we can deliver where other companies may struggle. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to meet the needs of our customers even at the busiest time of the year, making even the hard-to-find items available to them.

Its not just products which we make available at this critical time of year, it's also the Booker team. We make sure there's a member of our customer service team available to help our customers with whatever they need over the holiday season, helping to make it as smooth and enjoyable a Christmas for them as it is for their customers.

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