Six Nations Get Your Marketing and Wholesale Drink Ready.

Date released:  7th March 2013
The final weekend of the RBS 6 Nations isnít just an amazing chance to see some of the worldís top rugby players battling heroically on a muddy pitch.

Itís also a fantastic opportunity for anyone in the pub trade !

With matches starting at 2pm on Saturday March 16th and running on into the evening, many of your customers will stay in the pub for at least six hours. If you want to make the most of this opportunity, start now.

Firstly, stock up on wholesale drink; donít let them drink the bar dry!

If you have a big screen at your pub and intend to show the matches, make sure you shout about it.

If your TV has special features such as HD, or if itís really big so everyone is guaranteed a good view, let everyone know.

Posters, blackboards and signs are a good way to spread the word. Why not use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to tell people youíll be screening the match? Start early and post an update every day to build excitement as the big day approaches.

In busy areas, youíll need to compete to get customers through the door of your pub, rather than a competitorsí, to watch the match.

Consider offering a few perks to your customers:

  • Run offers on Guinness for the Irish, Tennents for the Scottish, Brains SA for the Welsh, Green King IPA for the English, Peroni for the Italians, and Kronenbourg for the French Ö there are lots of great drink wholesale choices at Booker !
  • If you do normally serve food, why not offer a discount on a main meal bought with a pint?
  • If you donít usually serve food, offer free snacks for anyone who watches the match in your pub and buys a drink.
  • Your more tech-savvy customers might want to Tweet their reactions to the match, so if you have free wi-fi, tell everyone, and make sure itís easy to access.
  • After the game, you might want to consider laying on further entertainment, such as a live band, to prevent your customers moving on.
  • Run a raffle with a 6 Nations theme. Perhaps the winner gets a free meal from that countryís cuisine, or even a set of sports kit.
  • Engage with Rugby teams within your local community. Invite local teams to your pub and offer them a group discount. Or hold a competition to raise money for Rugby kit for local children.

  • With Bookerís amazing deals on wholesale drink, itís easy to give your customers a little extra, without eating into your profit margins too much. Once youíve got a great marketing strategy in place, all thatís left is to enjoy the camaraderie, the banter, and the electric atmosphere as each try is scored, and the points build up !

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