St David's Day Treats

Date released:  25th February 2013
Welsh Flag
Stunning scenery, unspoilt beaches, vibrant daffodils and gripping rugby matches...there's a lot to love about Wales.

But if you ask me, the best thing about Wales is its cuisine.

The country is, of course, famous for its leeks, and on 1st March, the Queen will present leeks to members of the 3rd Battalion as part of this year's St David's Day celebrations.

Besides being the national emblem, this versatile veggie can be used in all manner of mouth watering recipes.

Glamorgan sausages, filled with leeks and Caerphilly cheese, are a bit gorgeous…particularly with a good tomato chutney.

If you haven't tried Welsh Rarebit, boy are you missing out. You'll need melted butter, dark ale, strong cheddar, mustard, egg yolk and Worcestershire sauce, all available at your local catering supplier. Simply melt the butter, add the beer and simmer. Then add the remaining ingredients, spread the mixture on toast, and grill until bubbling and golden. Beautiful!

And of course, this blog post wouldn't be complete without a mention of Welsh Lamb. If you want to try a truly Welsh meal, source some lamb from your local catering supplier and make a traditional Lamb Cawl, using potatoes, swede, onion, carrots and leek.

At Booker, we pride ourselves on being a catering supplier with a difference. So if you need help with any part of your St David's Day celebration, from menus to portion costings, just have a chat with your Catering Development Manager.

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