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Date released:  28th March 2013
Easter eggs at Easter

Maltesers Teasers launch...

The launch of the new Malteasers Teasers bar is a welcome development for the independent retailer.

The bar, which puts the famous chocolate-coated honeycomb balls in a block format, offers a POR of 20.4% and is available in all Booker branches from tomorrow.
The school Easter holidays can be a slow time for caterers, especially in cities, as many families go away on holiday. Retailers can also feel the squeeze, as children and parents are no longer popping in to the store on their way home from school or work.

However, there are a few ways you can turn the school Easter holidays from a wipe-out to quids in.


The average UK child receives £5.98 a week in pocket money, so make sure you have something on offer for this part of the market. Offer deals on sweets, toys and healthy snacks. Put posters in your shop front to advertise the deals, and sell Moshi Monsters and Football stickers at the till.

Many families go on day trips during the Easter holidays, so you could also consider offering a packed lunch deal. Offer a discount for anyone who buys some fruit, a juice carton and some Dairylea Dunkers together. A complete range of these products is available at your local wholesaler.


If you run a café, offer specials during the morning and afternoon, attracting parents popping into town with their children.

If your pub is child-friendly, advertise this, and put on a children’s lunch menu.

Why not copy the example of the Manor Arms pub in Streatham, recently voted the best of the capital’s eateries for healthy kids’ meals. Highlight healthy options on your menu, include side orders of vegetables as standard and reduce fried food and salt. Parents will thank you for it.


Research shows that parents spend an average of £300 keeping their offspring entertained over the spring break, so if you can offer activities as well as edible goods, this is likely to boost profits.

If you run a restaurant, you could run a pizza making class from your kitchen. You can also buy ‘Paint your own Mug’ kits online for a few pounds, which you could offer as an activity at a profit. Parents will love having some time to themselves!

Retailers might want to offer DVDs and popcorn, which you can buy wholesale in ready-to-eat and microwave varieties.

However you approach the Easter break, remember that these school kids are the customers of the future. Create happy memories for them and they may well return to your business once they’ve grown up!

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