Booker Wholesale's guide to soft drinks, key products for catering firms

Date released:  6th June 2012
Soft drinks are, in the opinion of Booker Wholesale (, one of the unsung heroes of wholesale catering products. Too often they are seen as filler or add-on products, but in actual fact they are key to turnover and represent a simple way to increase your sales. Here's wholesaler Booker's guide to soft drinks.

Whether you run a five star restaurant or roadside burger van, fast food joint or cafe, nearly half of your customers will purchase soft drinks, either as a non-alcoholic beverage or mixer for the adults or as a children's drink. That's a significant amount of your customer base that are in the market for soft drinks, so they should hardly be seen as an afterthought when you put in your next foodservice order at Booker.

So if as a caterer you're keen to maximise the humble soft drink, which types should you make sure you buy in bulk? Well according to a study*, the four bestselling types of soft drinks sold as catering supplies are colas, flavoured soft drinks, water and still fruit drinks. You'll find all of these categories in your local Booker branch, as well as online at the Booker website, so next time you place your Booker foodservice order, don't forget those important soft drinks.

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