Booker Farm Fresh range: quality and value without sacrificing freshness

Date released:  16th March 2012
If you're in the hospitality trade you'll be looking for some core things from your wholesaler, such as great choice, low prices, excellent customer service - all attributes we're proud to have here at Booker ( But when it comes to fruit and vegetables, while all those values still apply, the quality and freshness of the produce is paramount. We're proud that our Farm Fresh range has become the fruit and veg foodservice of choice for thousands of businesses around the UK.

Hospitality businesses large and small need to buy in bulk in order to keep stock at an optimum level and keep their customers happy. It's also one of the most cost effective ways to shop, with wholesalers such as Booker offering customers unbeatable deals on bulk purchases. However, it can be a little more tricky when it comes to buying produce such as fruit and vegetables in bulk, given the need for freshness.

As the name suggests, our Farm Fresh range of fruit and veg offers our customers a bulk purchase foodservice with excellent freshness and quality. We continually work on building relationships with British growers of fruit and veg, which allows us to not only secure the very best prices for our customers, but also ensure that the produce is in their hands in the fastest time possible from the moment the produce is picked or harvested. In fact the Farm Fresh commitment is from farm to branch within 24 hours, one of the best timeframes in the foodservice industry. Direct from the growers to our customers by way of Booker - this means our customers don't have to shop around for the best quality fruit and veg for the lowest prices, as we've done all the hardwork.

Our Farm Fresh range offers every sort of fruit and vegetable most businesses could need, all year-round, from staples such as potatoes through to fruits and handy prepared vegetable and salad packs. The sizing of our packs are also convenient, choose from small, medium and large sizes to fit your business' requirements, and we also provide larger products for ease of processing.

Choose Farm Fresh from Booker for all of your fruit and veg bulk buying needs, and you know you'll be getting quality and value without sacrificing freshness.

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