The Booker Festive Menu Guide 2011 - bigger and better than ever

Date released:  6th December 2011

Making menu planning easier

At Booker ( we know that running a busy catering or restaurant business can be most challenging over the Christmas period. Planning delicious yet cost effective menus whilst trying to gauge customer numbers in order to buy in bulk is never easy, but over the festive period it becomes even more difficult.

This is why we have created our Festive Menu Guide 2011. This is a helping hand for any chef or manager, with recipes and product selections offered to help you work out profit margins for festive foods, such as a full roast turkey dinner or luxurious king prawn dishes. It really takes the headache out of festive catering.

Great reasons for using our festive menu

Whether for a fine dining restaurant or a friendly local pub, we have included starters, main courses and desserts as well as buffet food ideas to suit all requirements. By planning portion sizes, menus and products to be used in advance, it is possible to buy wholesale food and cut down on waste, reduce repeated shopping trips and save money. Main course recipes start from as little as 70p per portion, and each item in a recipe is listed and costed for easy shopping.

When customer numbers are unpredictable it can seem a difficult time to buy food wholesale, and this is when cutting back on costs becomes even more important. Many businesses find that December and January are their busiest times, whilst others experience a slump. Our Festive Menu Guide is ideal because it offers businesses flexible options, the ability to plan in advance and maximise profitability.

Customers over the festive period are likely to spend more than they would on other occasions, even if they are not attending a traditional Christmas or festive dinner. Spirits are higher, people feel they need fortification against the cold, and generally eat and drink more. Sometimes bad weather can help profits, as people come in to escape the freezing temperatures. For pubs and restaurants, in particularly isolated or remote locations, winter can effectively freeze out normal trade, and prevent customers from appearing at all. In these cases we recommend our frozen range, as food will not be wasted in the worst case scenario, and can reduce costs at a later date.

Festive buffet offering

Many corporate events and Christmas parties require a buffet, and finding the right catering supplier can make the process much easier. The buffet section of our Festive Menu Guide allows caterers to buy in bulk and offer a wide selection of finger food, with the standard buffet selection starting at only 3p per serving, and the premium buffet from 15p. Offering a variety of different priced buffets is easy when taking bookings, as the selected items are listed and priced according to a plate cost for easy calculations.

Connect with us

This year the Booker Festive Menu Guide is even bigger and better than before. We've listened to customer feedback and are proud to be able to provide what has become an essential catering service to many businesses at Christmas time.

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