Great value products: never more needed than in the New Year

Date released:  11th January 2012
At Booker wholesaler (, we passionately believe in great value products all year-round. However, for most of us, good value is never more needed than in the New Year. Christmas is costly for both retailers and caterers, as well as their customers after all, and while our prices help Booker customers have a profitable festive period, they will still be starting the New Year looking for even better value, so as to boost next year's profit margins yet further. And we're here to help them do just that.

Start the New Year with confidence

There's no getting away from the fact that it's tough out there. The whole of Europe is feeling the pinch and everyone's eye is on the bottom line. The New Year means new budgets for many companies and while there may be some difficult times ahead, we are committed to helping our customers start the New Year with confidence - confidence that their catering supplier is bringing them the best value out there so that they can maximise their profitability in the year to come.

Great products - great value

We bring our customers the best products - the ones they rely on - at the very best prices possible. Booker understands that range and product choice is incredibly important to firms in the hospitality sector. They can't make savings by only serving their customers budget brands; they need great value on the products their customers demand from them, whether that's the finest names in wine wholesale or big name brands in condiments or sauces. We deliver the brands and products our customers need, for less.

Never sacrifice quality

When you make savings with Booker, you don't have to sacrifice quality. We don't cut corners in order to provide great value, we simply work hard at what we do, leveraging our extensive experience and trusted reputation to offer the best value wholesale products.

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