Season-long ice cream specials exclusive to Booker Wholesale

Date released:  2nd April 2012
The clocks have gone forward and summer time is just around the corner. This time of year can hold different challenges for caterers and retailers alike, but for those businesses who see a significant increase in sales on ice creams each spring and summer, look no further than Booker Wholesale, (, one of the UK's most popular wholesale foodservice providers. We have fantastic season-long ice cream specials, with prices held until 31st October, 2012.

Who doesn't feel like a tempting and cooling ice cream in the summertime? Most retailers and caterers know that selling ice creams and ice lollies from spring onwards is a sure-fire way to boost profits. Unlike open air catering and barbecues, selling ice creams doesn't exclusively rely on the good weather, which is a good thing in this part of the world ! While a heatwave may make the sales soar, you can be sure of a steady stream of ice cream sales from March through to October no matter what the weather, such is their seasonal popularity.

You may expect your foodservice provider to try and make an extensive profit from this proven popularity, but you'd be wrong in the case of Booker Wholesale. Quite the opposite, in fact, as we have committed to special promotional deals on ice creams and lollies all season-long, which ensures fantastically low prices guaranteed right through until Halloween! Deals such as 6.99 for Summertime Vanilla Ice Cream 1 x 10 litre, 7.99 for Flakey Milk Chocolate Sticks 1 x 140s and 11.15 for Waverley Large Flare Top Cone 1 x 360s. There are also some great promotions on ice cream related products such as Lenados Ice Cream Syrup at just 9.49 for 1 x 6kg and 6.99 for Light Vermicelli Sugar Strands and Nibbed Nuts toppings, 1 x 2kg.

Additional promotional offers throughout the season will also be available. For instance, between 21st March and 17th April, buy any five ice creams from the range at Booker and get a case of Calippo Orange absolutely free. Check out the Booker website at for more information on how you can save when you buy in bulk all year-round.

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