Burn's Night and a Celebration of Whisky

: Mark Greenall     : 15th January 2016

Burn’s Night is a night to celebrate Scotland - to celebrate Scotland's finest achievements, and its finest export, whisky!

When many people think of Scotland they think of whisky. Scotch whisky is considered by some to be the finest whisky in the world, so our blog this week is going to focus on single malts that we have on promotion as well as on the food that goes with a wee dram.

Cup of Tea

We have selected for our article a delicate malt, a sweet malt, an aromatic malt, and one malt which can be considered - by some - a "peat monster", it definitely packs a peaty-punch!

So, without further ado, I want to take you on a journey. A bit of a knowledge quest, if you will, and hopefully at the other end you’ll be brimming with ideas for your menus on Burn’s Night.

Glen Moray Speyside 70cl - Now just £12.99 ex vat - Save £1 From Speyside, on the banks of the River Lossie, this is a smooth, well rounded malt. Tasting notes: It balances the sweet and spice of highland toffee, brambles and ginger marmalade.
Loch Lomond Single Malt - Now just £14.99 ex vat - Save £1 From the banks of Loch Lomond, this is a smooth, well rounded malt. Tasting notes: A balanced, well rounded malt, with the distinctive hint of smoke and peat, characteristic to the area.
Old Pulteney 12 Year Old Single Malt - Now just £17.99 ex vat - Save £2 From Wick, in the Northern tip of Scotland, this is a dry, medium bodied and smooth malt. Tasting notes: Dry, hints of honey and cream, slightly salty, with a smooth, sweet finish.
Laphroaig Islay Single Malt - Now just £18.99 ex vat - Save £1 From the island of Islay, on the West coast, this is a full bodied Islay Malt. Tasting notes: Initially sweet up front, ending in rich fruits on the finish.
Cup of Tea
MacSween Traditional Haggis Chieftain 3.6kg - Priced at £24.99 Midas: M140279
Farm Fresh Swede 6’s - Priced at £4.99 Midas: M112609
Chef's Essentials Washed Potatoes 20kg - Priced at £5.99 Midas: M131323

What are the benefits of a Burn's Night Event?

  • - Burns Night (25th Jan) follows hard on the heels of Christmas & New Year, so is a perfect opportunity for keeping the festive spirit going.
  • - In 2016, Burn's Night on a Monday which provides plenty of opportunity to run a Burns Event without disturbing normal, weekend diners.
  • - Take bookings early so that you are well prepared.
  • - Scotch whisky sales were up 57% on Burns Night 2012 versus any other average day in 2012 (CGA Data Report 2012), so plenty of opportunity to drive incremental profit.
  • - National Events (like Burns Night) lead to an increase in corresponding national spirits sales (eg. St. Patrick's Day has the 2nd biggest sales for Irish Whiskey, after Christmas.
  • - Download the special menu sheet, the costed ingredients, plus the 'Ode To The Haggis' from

Don't want to run a full-scale event / not sure?

If you don't want to run an event you can still benefit from the night by simply putting a Burn's Night haggis meal on the menu on as a "chalkboard special". The dish has humble ingredients and is easy to make.

Burn's Night is a great opportunity to create an event, a fantastic atmosphere, and lots of happy customers!