Five Classic Easy-to-Make Cocktails with Hawthorn's Gin

: Mark Greenall     : 02nd December 2015

Gin. It's long been a popular tipple, but recent growth in the industry has shown us that opinions have changed towards gin. In the last two years the gin market has - in the UK – grown by a staggering 17.9%, and the premium Gin market has grown an outstanding 50%!

It seems that Gin is all the rage at the moment.

It's worth a thought: when you think of cocktails you might think of vodka, or rum, but what about Gin? Some consumers still like a good-old fashioned cocktail, and this is why Gin is the perfect companion to any cocktail menu.

With this in mind we’ve put together five - easy to make - classic cocktails; all featuring a new product to our range: Hawthorn's London Dry Gin.

Ooh, and don't forget a slice of lime, lemon, or cucumber – as you prefer - to give your creation a real zing!

Gin Fizz
  • - 50ml of Hawthorn's Gin
  • - 30ml lemon juice
  • - 10ml sugar syrup
  • - 1 tsp sugar
  • - 20ml lightly whipped egg white (optional)
  • - Chilled soda water, quantity to taste
  • - 50ml of Hawthorn's Gin
  • - 25ml of Vermouth
  • - Slice of lime
  • - Top up with tonic
  • - 50ml of Hawthorn's Gin
  • - 15ml lime juice
  • - 10ml sugar syrup
  • - Twist of lime zest to garnish
Pink Gin
  • - 50ml of Hawthorn's Gin
  • - A few drops of Bitters
  • - Top up with soda water
Tom Collins
  • - 50ml of Hawthorn's Gin
  • - 1 Teaspoon of Sugar
  • - 25ml of Lemon Juice
  • - Top up with soda
  • - Add slice of lemon for garnish

What's so special about this “Hawthorn's Gin”?

“Distilled from 100% British wheat. Hawthorn's is a multi-award winning gin recreated from a family recipe first concocted by a Commander in the Royal Navy in World War II. Our single batch gin uses 10 botanicals sourced from around the world and is distilled in a beautiful vintage copper pot still. Zesty, fresh and delightfully smooth, Hawthorn's is perfect with tonic, in exotic cocktails or On the Rocks as the Commander enjoyed it. Quoted as being "soft on the pallet without being sweet, very mixable with a delicious blend of botanicals...", Hawthorn's breaks the mould offering an exceptional gin that epitomises the term 'affordable luxury'.”

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