National Breakfast Week

: Laura Richardson     : 26th January 2016

The breakfast market is a growing market with a recent report indicating that 37% of adults expect to go out and eat a sit down breakfast in the coming year. (Scala’ Eating Out Today & Tomorrow, Sept 2015).

This is great news for Cafe’s, Restaurants and Public Houses up and down the country; especially during these cold, damp winter months.


The key to a good breakfast is quality ingredients. Although, your customers will never agree what ingredients make the perfect breakfast, good quality ingredients and a great menu will always appeal to your customers.

Booker’s bacon range has been put together with you, the caterer, in mind and has three simple tiers offering great tasting bacon at a great price:

Good – our Chef’s Essentials range, offers outstanding value; and is available in 2kg packs of smoked and unsmoked rindless back bacon.

Better – our Chef’s Larder range is cut from selected prime backs to guarantee consistently high quality, equally sized rashers. Available in 2kg packs of smoked and unsmoked rindless back bacon.

Best – our Chef’s Larder Premium thick cut bacon with provenance. Thickly sliced rashers from selected prime backs of Danish and British pigs, making these ideal for plated meals or luxury breakfasts, as well as adding provenance and value to your menu. Available in 2kg packs of Danish smoked and unsmoked rindless back bacon and a 1.5kg British unsmoked, rindless bacon.

Recipe ideas

The Traditional Fry Up

full english
  • Chef’s Larder Large Fresh Eggs (1 egg)
  • Chef’s Larder Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon (2 rashers)
  • Chef’s Larder Baked Beans (150g)
  • McCain Classics Hash Browns (2 hash browns)
  • Chef’s Larder Premium Lincolnshire Sausages
  • Salad Tomatoes (half tomato)
  • Farm Fresh Loose Flat Mushrooms (50g)
  • Chef’s Larder Scottish Style Black Pudding (1 slice) Cost of serving £1.79

Luxurious Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict
  • Kingsmill Muffin (1 muffin)
  • Chef’s Larder Large Fresh Eggs (2 eggs)
  • Houghton Hams Sliced Cooked Ham (2 slices)
  • Relish Hollandaise Sauce (50ml)
  • Cost of serving £1.34

Pancakes with American Bacon & Maple Syrup

  • Kingsmill Pancakes (5 pancakes)
  • Oscar Mayer America’s Favourite Bacon (2 rashers)
  • Clarks Pure Canadian Maple Syrup Medium Grade (10ml)
  • Cost of serving £1.39

There are more great Breakfast recipe ideas in the All About Food brochure