Pies have a long and rich history around the world, but since the first written reference in Britain to "pyes" (or pies in modern English) in the 12th Century the pie has evolved one of most treasured traditions!

Everyone has their favourites, but for me it has to be Steak & Ale. Preparation is key. The steak should be tender, chunky, and matured; the gravy to be thick and rich; the pastry to be fluffy if puff pastry, and short if shortcrust.

The nation’s love for the Great British Pie is embedded in our society, and what a better occasion to celebrate this comfort food than a whole week dedicated to it, running between the 7th March and the 14th.

Going to the next level

Every catering outlet will typically offer the usual pie varieties on their menu, so what can you do to stick out – a step up – what stands your business out from the crowd? Have you thought about embracing food weeks to produce something different, or better?

We all know the common varieties: steak & kidney, steak & ale, chicken & vegetable, so here is your opportunity to create something unique - something special. You can not only use our website to shop for your items, but also as an ideas board for curating the perfect recipe. If you use the website in conjunction with our GP calculator, you can plan the perfect pie, be it Lamb & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Green Bean Pie, or Pheasant with Lemon and Rosemary.

Resources to help you plan your menu

You can buy all of your ingredients on our easy to use website, plan costings and GP with our GP calculator, and see our popular meals costed out in our All About Food book.