From a range of pub chains, independents and Horizons Menurama menu data we have collated the top menu choices to help you offer your customers the variety they want from your menu, and to keep them coming back.

Main Rank
Beef Burger 1
Fish & Chips 2
Chicken Burger 3
Rump steak 4
Sausage & Mash 5
Roast Chicken 6
Pork Ribs 7
Sirloin Steak 8
Chicken Curry 9
Mixed Grill 10

No 1 – Beef Burger

Have you tried the new Chef’s Larder Gourmet 90% Steak Burgers? Available as either 6oz or 8oz, the burgers would make a great addition to your menu.

The frozen steak burgers, are made with British beef and are MSG free. With a home-style coarse chopped look the burgers are a perfect choice as they griddle in just 8 minutes.

Why don’t you try serving the steak burgers in a brioche bun with a portion of Chef’s Larder Premium Gourmet Chips?

No 2 – Fish & Chips

A personal favourite of mine, fish and chips has a long history of being a popular choice for dinner in the UK.

Booker sells a superb range of battered fish from Three Oceans. Their Jumbo Beer Battered Cod Fillets are a certified sustainable seafood. Available in a case of 6, these jumbo pieces of fish are a generous 230g – 290g and taste great alongside a portion of Chef’s Larder chips and mushy peas.

No 3 – Chicken Burger

Chicken burgers have been a favourite on pub menus for a number of years. Over the last couple of years pubs have been adding more variety, and more choice, with their chicken burgers.

Have you thought about adding Chef’s Essentials bacon and Chef’s Larder barbeque sauce to your chicken burger? Or perhaps using a marinated Chef’s Essentials chicken fillet instead of a breaded chicken burger for a healthier option?

No 4 – Rump Steak & No 8 Sirloin Steak

A good quality steak on your menu will be a definite winner with your diners. Your local Booker butcher will be happy to advise you on the best cut of beef for your menu, visit and contact your local butcher today.

No 5 – Sausage & Mash

Do you want the perfect mashed potato to go with your sausages then try the new Chef’s Larder buttery Mash Potato?

Chef’s Larder Buttery Mash Potato is made with real potatoes and enriched with milk and butter. There are no artificial colours or preservatives and is UK Salt Target Compliant.

The new and exclusive mashed potato tastes creamy and luxurious; a special treat for your diners.

No 6 – Roast Chicken

It is probably not a surprise that chicken tops the table when it comes to roasts. Roast are so popular that a lot of pubs now offer a roast option every day of the week and not just on a Sunday.

Make sure you serve your roasts with all the trimmings including stuffing, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and gravy.

Remember that Booker now stock gluten free gravy products including Chef’s Larder Fine Gravy Granules and Knorr Gluten Free Gravy Granules for Meat Dishes. Having a gluten free option on your menu is a great point of difference from your competition.

No 7 – Pork Ribs

Sticky and sweet Rib World Barbecue Spare Ribs are an excellent choice for your menu. These chilled pork ribs are a fully cooked rack of ribs which can be microwaved in just 6 minutes.

Rib World Barbecue Spare Ribs served with Chef’s Larder Premium Fries and Chef’s Larder Coleslaw will create a really tasty dish for your menu.

No 9 – Chicken Curry

80% of 50-64 year olds put Indian cuisine in their top 3 favourites. So make sure you here a curry option on your menu.

Have you thought about trying the new Chef’s Larder Chicken Curries? Available in 1.7kg tubs: the Chicken Korma/Chicken Tikka Masala/Chicken Jalfrezi are made to authentic Indian recipes and are available now in the chilled department at Booker.

No 10 – Mixed Grill

What makes a good mixed grill? Good quality, great tasting meat so you need to look no further than your local Booker butcher. Your local Booker butcher will discuss your requirements; and help you to select the best cut of meat for your mixed grill.

Don’t forget to add onion rings, sautéed mushrooms and a grilled tomato for a splash of colour to the dish.