Valentines Day 2016

: Laura Richardson     : 10th February 2016

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday – this is perfect opportunity for a busy dining day.

Cup of Tea

Better still, have you thought about calling it a Valentine’s Weekend; and spreading the bookings throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

You could offer a Valentine’s menu, or a few chalkboard specials, giving your customers a greater choice; and you a point of difference from your competitors.

Some easy options:

Offer a Meal Deal with a free drink

Set a price per couple, excluding drinks

Offer a free drink for the first X number of bookings

One simple idea, that have proved to work well, is to offer a free glass of Prosecco to couples on arrival.

This can be a strong point of difference for your establishment, versus the competition.

Our award-winning Vino Spumante Prosecco is a fantastic product, at a great price of just £29.99 + VAT. This works out at just £5 per bottle, exc VAT, or 83p per glass (average 6 glasses per bottle).

Alternatively, you could host a singles night, for all those in search of love.

Take a look at our promotions and see how we can help you offer your customers an amazing Valentine’s Day.