Burns Night

: Tom Allen     : 16th January 2015

Whether you're north of the border or south, Burns Night is becoming a more recognised event year on year. This year the 25th falls on a Sunday making it the perfect opportunity to hold a burns night and put the Burns supper on your Sunday menu.

Never put on a Burns Night before? Here are some ideas to help you out.

Firstly, if you are putting on a Burns Night advertise early. If you are adding the supper as an option to your Sunday night menu, confirmed bookings will help with how much you need to buy.

Why not advertise a free glass of malt for every diner? Factor in the small cost when pricing the food and there is no need for you to lose out.

Try some different Malt Whiskies to end the evening. The Isle of Jura 10 year works out at just 65p per 25ml measure. Sell at �3 and earn 74% GP (ex VAT).

Check out our Burns Night costing sheet to help you plan your evening.

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