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Butchery Service from Booker

Blackgate Meat Range...

We work closely with farmers to bring you carefully sourced, top quality meat. Our Blackgate range is a favourite amongst chefs; who demand the best raw ingredients for their dishes.

Prime cuts to your specification...

Our catering butchers have all the skill, knowledge and expertise required to offer you outstanding customer service. They will help you select the ideal cut, portion size and trim, leaving you more time to create meat dishes with that 'wow factor'.

A tailored business service...

Whether you prefer primal cuts or prepared joints, vacuum packed or tray wrapped, we can tailor our service to you. Phone ahead and we will have your order ready for collection when you next come to branch.

Wide range of quality meats...

Lamb Cutlets - Great Choice in Meats These days, more than ever, it matters where you source your meat from, at Booker we can provide you with a choice of provenance. For example, when it comes to beef you can choose from the finest quality British beef or alternatively from our range of imported meat which provides fantastic value.

Steaks can be cut to any size and portion controlled to your requirements.

Top Side of Beef - Great quality beef With convenience in mind... If you are looking for a larger piece of meat, but you want something ready-to-cook, give our prepared joints a try. These include roasting joints and meal components. You can also specify the type of roll, the thickness of the cut, the bone and whether you want any added fat.

Many chefs like to prepare their own cuts of meat and we have many primal cuts on offer. If the one you want is not available, speak to your catering butcher and they will happily source it for you.

Great prices to help you improve profitability...

Tender Pork Steaks from Booker Wholesale Our meat offer provides you with incredible value. We employ a team of buyers; and a quality assurance team; to ensure our meat offer is produced to the highest quality and alsoo exceptional value.

For us, providing great value starts at the grassroots - we buy the majority of our meat direct from the farmers. This means that we have a greater say in the meat production process. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure all animal health, welfare, nutrition and environmental standards are met.

Ensuring great prices... The prices of our meat products are regularly benchmarked against our competitors to ensure that you are getting fantastic value.

Fiinally, if you are a bulk purchaser of meat from Booker, make sure you ask your local Booker butcher about the bulk discounts that we have available.

A great personalised service...

Butcher Running a great restaurant can be hectic! Whether you're managing your staff, controlling stock, or improving your marketing activities, time is of the essence. That's why a top class catering butcher, who provides a great, hassle free service, is worth their weight in gold.

Our butchers are highly trained in both butchery and customer service. They will cut, trim, bone and roll your meat to your exact specifications. They can advise you on the right cut of meat for the dish you are preparing, and they can also help you with portion control. If you ring up and ask for 40 equally sized fillet steaks, they will be quickly prepared for you.

We can also offer you alternative cuts that provide you with incredible value, and enable you to provide more choice for your customers. You can pre-order your choice of meat, so that it's ready for collection the next time you visit Booker. These cuts be either be vacuum packed or tray wrapped. Just let us know which option is best for you.

If you are a delivered customer, rest assured that your meat will always be delivered to you in top class condition, thanks to our multi-temperature delivery vehicles.

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