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Our offer for caterers...

Our Catering Product Range

We provide a wide range of branded products complimented by Booker exclusive labels such as Chef's Essentials, Chef's Larder, Lichfields and Farm Fresh, and backed up by our excellent in-branch services.

Essential catering products at fantastic prices...

Booker’s own brand ranges for caterers include Chef's Essentials, Chef's Larder, and Lichfields. These three core ranges provide all the essential ingredients, disposables, food and non-food products a caterer could need – at a fantastic price.

Booker’s own brands have been designed with value and quality in mind.

Essential Lines for Every Chef

Chef's Essentials is our very own value line, designed to provide good quality catering supplies at a great low price. Many of the 73 different products in our Chef's Essentials line are the type of thing chefs use every day; for example tinned tomatoes and frozen peas.

Wide Range of Products

There's a surprising range of products within the Chef's Essentials range, including eight cuts of beef, salmon, seafood, fish and chicken. And because the range goes through our extensive quality and taste benchmarking process, you are getting a product you can rely upon.

Our customers tell us that Chef's Essentials is their 'go to' range for these items, as you can rely upon the quality and value. With prices this reasonable, there's no need to shop around, so our customers save time, too.

Essential Catering Products - Chef's Essentials

Good Quality at Great Prices

Chef's Larder is one of the biggest brands in catering. The range contains nearly 500 products and the brand is worth in excess of £200 million. Our product development team carefully benchmark each product for quality and taste and negotiate a fantastic price on your behalf.

Within the range you'll discover everything from non-foods to ambient grocery, fresh meat, dairy, and a wide selection of non-food lines.

Comprehensive Range

Our Chef's Larder cooking sauces and spices are the envy of other food wholesalers in the UK. The value is unbeatable, so if your restaurant uses chilli, paprika, cumin and coriander on a daily basis, Chef's Larder is the range for you.

We're continually working to add products to Chef's Larder, so you can tempt customers with new and exciting foods.

Quality Product Range for Caterers - Chef's Larder

Luxury range for caterers

Lichfields is a luxury catering brand that delivers great quality products that are real value for money.

Aimed at hotels, B&B, cafes and pubs, the range contains items such as tea and coffee, biscuits, yogurts, individual jam portions, ketchup sachets and fresh juice.

The combination of individually wrapped portions and counter top display packaging is ideal for caterers looking to provide a quality experience for their customers.

Luxury Catering Range - Lichfields

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