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Key Benefits

  • • More profit
  • • Electronic ordering
  • • Daily price/product updates
  • • Full product file pre-loaded
  • • Many other benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Do I have to pay anything?
  • You only have to pay the maintenance / support costs.
  • Q2. How much are the maintenance/support costs?
  • £14 per week .
  • Q3. Who do I pay the maintenance/support costs to?
  • A You sign a VDD agreement with The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP) for the maintenance costs.
  • Q4. How is the money collected?
  • A Via a monthly VDD by Retail Data Partnership.
  • Q5. When do the maintenance/support costs start?
  • A The support costs start from the day of delivery.
  • Q6. What happens if I don’t pay my service fees?
  • A You will stop receiving the service of the price file updates and electronic delivery notes. If your system malfunctions, you will not get help.
  • Q7. What happens if my direct debit to TRDP fails or gets cancelled?
  • A IF your VDD fails or gets cancelled 3 times in a year, TRDP reserve the right to suspend the EPOS system until the remainder of the year’s support costs are paid.
  • Q8. Can my system work with dial-up internet?
  • A NO. Your store MUST have broadband.
  • Q9. Does it come with a warranty?
  • A Yes, the warranty lasts 3 years and covers all hardware except the symbolCS3000 scanner and the laser printer.
  • Q10. Can I order from Booker using my EPOS system?
  • A The system comes with an internet scanner which can link to the Booker website enabling you to see our latest promotions.
  • Q11. What sort of scanner is it?
  • A It is a Symbol CS3000 internet scanner, the same as a Booker internet scanner.
  • Q12. Will someone come out and install my system for me?
  • A No, the system is a self install EPOS system straight out of the box and comes with an installation guide. Once the system is plugged into the power and broadband, you will need to key in a 'product key' which will have been emailed to you. Once this has been entered, software will load and you should be ready to trade within 30 minutes.
  • Q13. What if I need someone to install my system for me?
  • A TRDP will arrange this for a cost of £50+VAT.
  • Q14. How will my increased agreed spend limit be calculated?
  • A Booker will look at the previous 12 months sales to work out the average weekly non tobacco spend then add £500.
  • Q15. I am 100% loyal to Booker and have no further spend to offer. Can I still have an EPOS system?
  • A We will look for ways to help you grow your business so that you can qualify for the agreement.
  • Q16. What happens if I fail to reach the agreed
  • Spend increase with Booker? A We hope that this won't happen. However Booker reserve the right to suspend the EPOS system.
  • Q17. How long is the increased spend contract with Booker for?
  • A The contract is for 36 months.
  • Q18. If I sell my business and pass the system
  • To the new owner will you continue the spend contract with them? A They will need to sign an agreed spend with Booker as well.
  • Q19. What happens once the 3 years are over?
  • A Your maintenance costs will continue with TRDP.
  • Q20. Will the system have only Booker products on it?
  • A The system will be pre-loaded with the Booker product file, but you can easily add products not supplied by booker.
  • Q21. Is there any ongoing support cost?
  • A Yes. Support costs £14 per week.
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Online Exclusive Products

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Core In Every Store Lines

Core In Every Store lines are lines that every store within the
sector should be stocking for thier consumers to buy.

These lines are the lines that provide the best possible POR, while
covering all the core ranges that a retail store might sell.

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