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Quality wholesale fruit and
veg from Farm Fresh

Exceptional freshness and quality at a great price

What can Farm Fresh offer?

If you're looking for fabulously fresh fruit and vegetables to sell in your store or to grace your customer's plate, give our Farm Fresh range a try. We work closely with farmers to ensure that only the best fruit and vegetables make it into our Farm Fresh range.

There's a fantastic array of products to choose from, including fresh herbs, salad packs, vegetables and both exotic and traditional fruits. We'll always make the most of what's in season, allowing you to present your customers with the best that nature has to offer.

A diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables is great for our health and well-being, so as fruit and veg wholesalers, we have a responsibility to provide you with fresh produce that is full of nutrients.

Wholesale Vegetables
Wholesale Veg

Suitable for Caterers and Retailers

With both retailers and caterers in mind, we've made sure that our Farm Fresh range of wholesale fruit and vegetables is available to buy in small, medium and large pack sizes.

Once upon a time, your local corner shop would sell a few dusty apples and some iceberg lettuce. Nowadays, customers expect convenience stores to sell a slimmed-down version of what they can buy in their local supermarket. In response to this trend, we extended our Farm Fresh range in 2011. It now contains a greater range of fruit, vegetables, and salads in small, price-marked packs. Although price- marked, these products offer a POR of at least 25%. They also have easy peel labels to allow retailers to set their own prices as needed.

Caterers often need vast quantities of staples such as potatoes and onions, and we provide for this need with larger pack sizes, such as our great value 20kg bags of onions. Our medium and small pack sizes also appeal to caterers, and smaller pack sizes mean less waste, which is great for the environment and your profits!

An Ever Growing Range

We're committed to offering a fantastic choice of fresh produce within Farm Fresh, so you can find what you need, whatever you're cooking up. Whether you're looking for Aubergines for a Melanzane alla Parmigiana, stem ginger for a Pad Thai, or Mediterranean vegetables for a pasta dish, we won't let you down.

To make the most of this range, retailers should create big, eye-catching displays in your store, to entice your customers. Make sure that any produce that is past its best is either marked down and sold in a separate area, or donated to local charities. Caterers should highlight fresh, seasonal vegetables on the menu, and ensure that there are lots of options available for vegetarian or health conscious consumers, as these are great selling points.

Fresh broccoli
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